Tallfellow Press

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-931290-00-5Scott Allen · Jimmy PickeringSOMETHIN' PUMPKIN
2002978-1-931290-07-4Billy Mernit · Claudia NizzaThat's How Much I Love You
  ''978-1-931290-08-1Leo TimmersHappy with Me
2015978-1-931290-09-8Rik DessersRosie and Roger
  ''978-1-931290-15-9Jimmy PickeringIt's Fall
2002978-1-931290-16-6   ''It's Winter
2015978-1-931290-17-3First LastGREAT FAILURES OF THE EXTREMELY ...(HC)
  ''978-1-931290-18-0First LastCOMFORT BOOK (H/C)
2002978-1-931290-19-7Steve YoungGreat Failures of the Extremely Successful
2015978-1-931290-22-7First LastIT'S SPRING (H/C)
  ''978-1-931290-23-4   ''IT'S SUMMER (H/C)
2015978-1-931290-50-0First LastSIBLING THING (HC)
  ''978-1-931290-51-7   ''WE'LL NEVER BE YOUNG AGAIN (HC)
2003978-1-931290-52-4   ''WRITE SCREENPLAYS THAT SELL
2015978-1-931290-55-5First LastTEN MINUTES TO THE AUDITION (10 Minutes 2 Success)
  ''978-1-931290-56-2   ''TEN MINUTES TO THE PITCH (10 Minutes 2 Success)
2008978-1-931290-57-9MD Robert HuizengaWHERE DID ALL THE FAT GO?
2015978-1-931290-58-6First LastDOING IT FOR MONEY