Troll Lord Games

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2002978-1-931275-07-1Ernie Gygax · Luke GygaxLost City of Gaxmoor
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2004978-1-931275-28-6Justin Bacon · Casey ChristophersonThe Book Of Familiars (d20)
2005978-1-931275-30-9Casey CanfieldFingers of the Forsaken Hand - Castles & Crusades
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2003978-1-931275-48-4Bill WebbThe Lost City of Barakus (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)
2004978-1-931275-49-1Bob SarvasVindication
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2007978-1-931275-59-0Davis ChenaultCastles & Crusades I1 Into the Unknown: Vakhund
2005978-1-931275-61-3   ''Castles And Crusades Monsters & Treasures
  ''978-1-931275-62-0   ''Assault On Blacktooth Ridge (Castles & Crusades)
2007978-1-931275-63-7   ''Castles & Crusades: Castle Keeper's Screens
2005978-1-931275-65-1Mike StewartShadows of the Halfling Hall - Castles & Crusades
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2005978-1-931275-69-9   ''Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau
2005978-1-931275-70-5Gary GygaxCastles & Crusades Castle Zagyg II Castle Ruins
  ''978-1-931275-71-2   ''Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg III Beneath The Ruins
2006978-1-931275-74-3Mike StewartCastles & Crusades Verdant Rage
  ''978-1-931275-78-1Davis ChenaultCastles & Crusades Slag Heap
2007978-1-931275-79-8   ''Wicked Cauldron (Castles & Crusades, No. A3)
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2013978-1-931275-92-7Stephen ChenaultCastles & Crusades A12 The Paladin's Lament