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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-931249-02-7Monte CarpenterQuotable General (Potent Quotables)
  ''978-1-931249-03-4Harry VardonBirdies Eternal
  ''978-1-931249-05-8Steve EubanksQuotable Reagan: Words of Wit, Wisdom, Statesmanship By and About Ronald Reagan, America's Great Communicator (Potent Quotables)
  ''978-1-931249-07-2Rich SkyzinskiQuotable Hogan (Potent Quotables)
2002978-1-931249-08-9J. T. McCulloughGolf: Containing Practical Hints, with Rules of the Game (Good Golf)
2006978-1-931249-09-6John RegerQuotable Wooden (Potent Quotables)
2002978-1-931249-12-6Robbie Williams · Lee HeffernanGentlemen Only
  ''978-1-931249-13-3Fred McManeQuotable Casey: The Wit, Wisdom, and Wacky Words of Casey Stengel, Baseball's Old Perfessor and Most Amazing Manager (Potent Quotables)
2002978-1-931249-14-0Monte CarpenterQuotable Woody (Potent Quotables)
  ''978-1-931249-15-7Charles ChandlerQuotable Petty: Words of Wisdom, Success, and Courage, By and About Richard Petty, the King of Stock-Car Racing (Potent Quotables)
  ''978-1-931249-17-1Gene FrenetteQuotable Spurrier (Potent Quotables)
  ''978-1-931249-18-8Monte CarpenterQuotable Lou (Potent Quotables)
  ''978-1-931249-19-5Jennifer Briggs KaskiQuotable Billy Graham: Words of Faith, Devotion, and Salvation by and about Billy Graham, An Evangelist for the World (Potent Quotables)
2003978-1-931249-20-1Linda McCoy-MurrayQuotable Jim Murray: The Literary Wit, Wisdom, and Wonder of a Distinguished American Sports Columnist (Potent Quotables)
2003978-1-931249-22-5Gregg M. SteinbergMental Rules for Golf: 61 Innovative Strategies for Unleashing Your Golf Potential
2004978-1-931249-27-0David ScottQuotable Dean Smith
1955978-1-931249-28-7Aaron S. LeeQuotable Don Shula: Words of Wisdom, Motivation, and Super Bowl Success by and about Don Shula, Pro Football's Most Prolific Winner
2004978-1-931249-29-4Peter SlovenskiOld School America
  ''978-1-931249-30-0Pat WilliamsQuotable Michael Jordan (Potent Quotables)