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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-931112-01-7Christopher BakkenAfter Greece: Poems (Winner, T.S. Eliot Prize, 2001)(New Odyssey Series)
2002978-1-931112-05-5H. L. HixSurely as Birds Fly (New Odyssey Series)
  ''978-1-931112-08-6Kathryn A. EdwardsWerewolves, Witches, and Wandering Spirits: Traditional Belief & Folklore in Early Modern Europe (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, V. 62)
2004978-1-931112-14-7Joseph P. SchwietermanWhen the Railroad Leaves Town: American Communities in the Age of Rail Line Abandonment--Western U.S.
2002978-1-931112-18-5Raymond A. MentzerSin and the Calvinists: Morals Control and the Consistory in the Reformed (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, V. 32)
  ''978-1-931112-19-2Roald HoffmannSoliton: Poems (New Odyssey Series)
2003978-1-931112-30-7John E. SmelcerWithout Reservation: New & Selected Poems (New Odyssey Series)
2004978-1-931112-40-6Timothy Scott McginnisGeorge Gifford And The Reformation Of The Common Sort: Puritan Priorities In Elizabethan Religious Life (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, V. 70) (Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies)
  ''978-1-931112-41-3Timothy Scott McGinnisGeorge Gifford and the Reformation of the Common Sort: Puritan Priorities in Elizabethan Religious Life (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies)
2005978-1-931112-47-5Julie FayBlue Scorpion: Poems (New Odyssey Series)
  ''978-1-931112-48-2Rhina P. EspaillatPlaying At Stillness (New Odyssey Series)
2005978-1-931112-49-9Richard St. JohnThe Pure Inconstancy of Grace: Poems (New Odyssey Series)
2006978-1-931112-52-9Alfred RunteAllies of the Earth: Railroads And the Soul of Preservation
  ''978-1-931112-57-4Kathleen Perry LongReligious Differences in France: Past and Present (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies)
  ''978-1-931112-59-8Judith J. HurwichNoble Strategies: Marriage and Sexuality in the Zimmern Chronicle (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies)
  ''978-1-931112-64-2Christopher BakkenThe Lions' Gate: Selected Poems of Titos Patrikios (New Odyssey Series)
2007978-1-931112-66-6Jason OffuttHaunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to the Show-Me-State's Most Spirited Spots
  ''978-1-931112-67-3Raymond H. GeselbrachtThe Civil Rights Legacy of Harry S. Truman (Truman Legacy Series)
2007978-1-931112-73-4Franco Mormando · Thomas WorcesterPiety and Plague: From Byzantium to the Baroque (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies)
2008978-1-931112-74-1Gari CarterTroubled State: Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick
2007978-1-931112-78-9Carol TrowbridgeAndrew Taylor Still, 1828-1917
2008978-1-931112-80-2Michael J. Devine · Robert P. Watson · Robert J. WolzIsrael and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman (Truman Legacy Series)
2007978-1-931112-85-7David M. WhitfordReformation and Early Modern Europe: A Guide to Research (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies)
2008978-1-931112-87-1Nicholas TerpstraThe Art of Executing Well: Rituals of Execution in Renaissance Italy (Early Modern Studies)
  ''978-1-931112-88-8Nicholas TerpstraThe Art of Executing Well: Rituals of Execution in Renaissance Italy (Early Modern Studies)
2009978-1-931112-90-1Michael SpenceCrush Depth (New Odyssey Series)
  ''978-1-931112-91-8Giles FowlerDeaths on Pleasant Street