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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-931078-00-9Cass IngramLifesaving Cures: How to Use the Latest and Most Powerful Natural Cures
2002978-1-931078-01-6Cassim Igram · Cass IngramThe Longevity Solution: Compelling Proof That Royal Jelly Has the Power to Eliminate Fatigue, Provide Greater Energy and Extend Life
  ''978-1-931078-02-3   ''The Respiratory Solution: How to Use Natural Cures to Reverse Respiratory Ailments: Finally, Relief from Asthma, Bronchitis, Mold, Sinus Attacks, Allergies, Sore Throats, cold
2003978-1-931078-07-8Cass IngramRespiratory Solution
2005978-1-931078-08-5Cass Ingram · Judy Kay GrayNutrition Tests For Better Health
2004978-1-931078-09-2Cass IngramNatural Cures for Headaches
  ''978-1-931078-10-8   ''Natural Cures For Killer Germs
2005978-1-931078-11-5   ''Natural Cures for Health Disasters
  ''978-1-931078-13-9   ''Dr. Cass Ingram's Natural Cures For Diabetes: Reverse diabetes quickly through the power of natural cures
2004978-1-931078-14-6Cass IngramNatural Cures for High Blood Pressure
2005978-1-931078-16-0   ''How to Eat Right And Live Longer
2008978-1-931078-25-2   ''Eat Right 4 Your Metabolic Type
  ''978-1-931078-27-6   ''The Cure Is in The Cupboard: How To Use Oregano For Better Health (REVISED EDITION)
2009978-1-931078-28-3   ''The Body Shape Diet: New and Improved Edition:Formerly Titled Eat Right 4 Your Metabolic Type
2009978-1-931078-29-0Cass IngramThe Miracle of Wild Oregano
  ''978-1-931078-32-0   ''The Respiratory Solution (Expanded, Newly Revised Edition)
2010978-1-931078-33-7   ''The Cure Is in the Forest: The Healing Powers of Wild Chaga Mushroom, Birch Bark, and Poplar Buds--The Forest's Most Powerful Natural Medicines