The Listener's Bible

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-931047-02-9Max McLeanThe Old Testament of the Bible as Told by Max McLean
2001978-1-931047-16-6Max McLeanThe Divine Drama: Following Jesus from Genesis to Revelation
  ''978-1-931047-17-3Max E McLeanThe Listener's Bible NIV
  ''978-1-931047-21-0Max E. McLeanPsalms & Proverbs (The Listener's Bible)
2004978-1-931047-25-8Max McLeanPassion & Promise: The Easter Story (Listener's Bible)
2002978-1-931047-30-2   ''The Listener's NIV MP3 Audio Bible
2003978-1-931047-33-3   ''New Testament w/ Psalms and Proverbs (NIV 1984)
  ''978-1-931047-36-4   ''Listener's Bible-NIV-John's Gospel
2004978-1-931047-37-1   ''The Gift of God-His Christmas Story (Listener's Bible)
  ''978-1-931047-40-1Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards' Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
2004978-1-931047-43-2Max McLeanListener's Bible-ESV
2004978-1-931047-45-6Max McLeanListener's Bible-ESV
2005978-1-931047-47-0   ''Listener's New Testament-NIV
  ''978-1-931047-48-7   ''Mark's Gospel
  ''978-1-931047-50-0   ''The Valley of Vision
  ''978-1-931047-51-7   ''We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident: Four Masterpieces That Define Our Nation
2006978-1-931047-52-4Max McLeanThe Listener's KJV MP3 Audio Bible
2007978-1-931047-55-5   ''Martin Luther's Here I Stand: The Speech That Launched the Protestant Reformation
  ''978-1-931047-56-2John BunyanThe Pilgrim's Progress (Listener's Collection of Classic Christian Literature)
  ''978-1-931047-57-9Max McLeanThe Method of Grace
  ''978-1-931047-58-6   ''Augustine's Conversion (Listener's Collection of Classic Christian Literature)
  ''978-1-931047-59-3   ''Classics of the Christian Faith
2008978-1-931047-60-9Max McLean · William WilberforceA Practical View of Real Christianity (Classics of Christian Faith) (Listener's Collection of Classic Christian Literature)