year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-930997-03-5J. Michael StraczynskiTribulations
2001978-1-930997-07-3David WhitmanDeadFellas
  ''978-1-930997-08-0Edo Van BelkomSix Inch Spikes
  ''978-1-930997-09-7Paula Guran · Nancy KilpatrickCold Comfort
  ''978-1-930997-11-0Robert Weinberg · Richard GilliamDial Your Dreams: & Other Nightmares
2002978-1-930997-19-6David F. V. Lewis · James A. MooreThe Asylum: The Violent Ward (v. 2)
2003978-1-930997-24-0Victor HeckThe Asylum 2: The Violent Ward
2004978-1-930997-28-8Ray BanksThe Big Blind
2003978-1-930997-29-5Charles WillefordThe Second Half of the Double Feature
  ''978-1-930997-30-1Charles WillefordThe Second Half of the Double Feature
2003978-1-930997-31-8Nick Mamatas3000 MPH In Every Direction At Once: Stories and Essays
  ''978-1-930997-32-5Victor Heck · Don D'Ammassa · EDO VanAsylum 3: The Quiet Ward
  ''978-1-930997-35-6Charles WillefordThe Black Mass of Brother Springer
2000978-1-930997-37-0Ray BanksThe Big Blind
2003978-1-930997-38-7Brian KnightDragonfly
2004978-1-930997-39-4Nick Mamatas · Tim Pratt · Michael HemmingsonThe Urban Bizarre
  ''978-1-930997-40-0Nick Mamatas · Michael Hemmingson · Tim PrattThe Urban Bizarre
  ''978-1-930997-47-9Adam NiswanderBlurring The Edges Of Dream: The Short Fiction Of Adam Niswander
2005978-1-930997-48-6Adam NiswanderBlurring The Edges Of Dream: The Short Fiction Of Adam Niswander
2004978-1-930997-49-3Allan GuthrieTwo-Way Split
2005978-1-930997-51-6James ReasonerTexas Wind
2004978-1-930997-56-1Jay LakeDogs in the Moonlight
2005978-1-930997-57-8Jay LakeDogs in the Moonlight
2005978-1-930997-58-5Duane SwierczynskiSecret Dead Men
  ''978-1-930997-59-2Duane SwierczynskiSecret Dead Men (Point Blank)
2004978-1-930997-62-2Dave ZeltsermanFast Lane
  ''978-1-930997-63-9Dave ZeltsermanFast Lane
  ''978-1-930997-68-4James SallisA City Equal to My Desire
  ''978-1-930997-69-1David Niall WilsonThe Temptation of Blood
2005978-1-930997-77-6David LangfordThe Sex Column and other misprints
2005978-1-930997-78-3David LangfordThe Sex Column and other misprints
2004978-1-930997-79-0   ''The Space Eater
2006978-1-930997-82-0Leena KrohnTainaron: Mail from Another City
2005978-1-930997-83-7Bryn LlewellynThe Rat and the Serpent
2004978-1-930997-87-5Gary PhillipsViolent Spring (Ivan Monk Mystery, no.1)
  ''978-1-930997-88-2Vera NazarianLords Of Rainbow
2005978-1-930997-93-6Philip LawsonFamilies Are Murder
2004978-1-930997-97-4Mickey Z.A Gigantic Mistake

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