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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-930953-00-0Cheryl LoweLatina Christiana I Set
2002978-1-930953-01-7Cheryl LoweLatina Christiana, Book I: Introduction to Christian Latin, Teacher Manual (Classical Trivium Core)
2015978-1-930953-02-4   ''Latina Christiana 1, Student Book (4th Edition 2015) (Latin Edition)
2005978-1-930953-04-8   ''Latina Christiana I, Pronunciation CD
2002978-1-930953-05-5   ''Latina Christiana 2
2000978-1-930953-06-2   ''Latina Christiana: Introduction to Christian Latin, Book II, Teacher Manual (English and Latin Edition)
2002978-1-930953-07-9Cheryl LoweLatina Christiana: An Introduction to Christian Latin, Book II (Classical Trivium Core Series)
2005978-1-930953-09-3   ''Latina Christiana II, Pronunciation CD
2000978-1-930953-10-9Martin CothranTraditional Logic I, Text
2001978-1-930953-11-6   ''Traditional Logic 1 Workbook and Test Key
2000978-1-930953-12-3   ''Traditional Logic, Book II: Advanced Formal Logic (Classical Trivium Core Series)
2001978-1-930953-13-0   ''Traditional Logic 2 Key
2003978-1-930953-14-7Cheryl Lowe · Martin CothranHenle Latin I Study Guide Units I & II (Latin Edition)
2000978-1-930953-15-4Cheryl LoweIntroduction to Classical Studies
  ''978-1-930953-16-1Kathy ArtnerThe Artner Reader's Guide to American History
2003978-1-930953-19-2Martin CothranHenle Latin I Study Guide Units III - V
2001978-1-930953-20-8Cheryl LoweLingua Angelica Song Book (English and Latin Edition)
2001978-1-930953-21-5Cheryl LoweLingua Angelica CD
  ''978-1-930953-22-2Lingua Angelica I Full Set
  ''978-1-930953-23-9Cheryl LoweLingua Angelica I Teacher Manual
  ''978-1-930953-24-6   ''Lingua Angelica Student Book I: Christian Latin Reading Course
2008978-1-930953-25-3Paul O'BrienRoots of English
2002978-1-930953-26-0Leigh LoweLatina Christiana I: Introduction to Christian Latin (Classical Trivium Core) (Latin Edition)
2005978-1-930953-28-4   ''Latina Christiana II, Instructional DVDs
  ''978-1-930953-30-7Memoria PressLatina Christiana I Flashcards (Latin and English Edition)
2001978-1-930953-31-4Memoria PressLatina Christiana II Flashcards
2010978-1-930953-32-1   ''Latina Christiana I & II Grammar Charts
978-1-930953-33-8Latina Christiana 1 and 2 Grammar Charts (Memoria Press)
2006978-1-930953-34-5Memoria PressAncient Civilization Wall Maps Small Set
2011978-1-930953-35-2   ''Ancient Civilization Wall Maps Large Set
2006978-1-930953-36-9Martin CothranTraditional Logic I, Instructional DVDs
2003978-1-930953-37-6Martin CothranTraditional Logic I (VHS)
2006978-1-930953-38-3   ''Traditional Logic II
2009978-1-930953-40-6Danielle SchultzFirst Start French II, Pronunciation CD
2013978-1-930953-41-3Cheryl LoweLingua Angelica II, Teacher Manual: Christian Latin Reading Course
2003978-1-930953-42-0   ''Lingua Angelica II, Student Book: Christian Latin Reading Course
2009978-1-930953-43-7Memoria PressFirst Form Latin Flashcards
2003978-1-930953-44-4Martin CothranClassical Rhetoric with Aristotle, Student Guide
2012978-1-930953-45-1   ''Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle, Teacher Key
2006978-1-930953-47-5Paul O'BrienThe Book of Roots, Answer Key
2005978-1-930953-50-5Leigh LowePrima Latina, Pronunciation CD
2003978-1-930953-51-2   ''Prima Latina, Student Book
2003978-1-930953-52-9Leigh LowePrima Latina, Teacher Guide (Classical Trivium Core Series)
2004978-1-930953-53-6   ''Prima Latina, Instructional DVDs (Classical Trivium Core) (English and Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-930953-54-3Martin CothranMaterial Logic: Book I, A Traditional Approach to Thinking Skills (Material Logic, Book I)
978-1-930953-55-0Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle, Instructional DVDs
2011978-1-930953-56-7Dorothy MillsThe Book of the Ancient World, Text
2006978-1-930953-57-4Martin CothranMaterial Logic, Student Text
  ''978-1-930953-58-1   ''Material Logic, Answer Key
2004978-1-930953-59-8Material Logic With Answer Key
2008978-1-930953-60-4John H. Haaren · A. B. PolandFamous Men of Modern Times
  ''978-1-930953-61-1Tanya CharltonFamous Men of Modern Times, Student Guide
  ''978-1-930953-62-8   ''Famous Men of Modern Times, Teacher Guide
2009978-1-930953-63-5Danielle SchultzFirst Start French II, Student Edition
978-1-930953-64-2First Start French Set (Teacher Manual, Student Book, CD)
2007978-1-930953-65-9Danielle L. SchultzFirst Start French I, Student Edition (English and French Edition)
2007978-1-930953-66-6Danielle L. SchultzFirst Start French I, Teacher Edition (English and French Edition)
  ''978-1-930953-67-3   ''First Start French I, Pronunciation CD
2009978-1-930953-68-0Danielle SchultzFirst Start French II, Teacher Edition
2008978-1-930953-69-7Leigh Lowe · Cheryl LoweLatin Copybook Cursive: Hymns & Prayers (New American Cursive) (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-930953-71-0Andrew A. CampbellThe Latin-Centered Curriculum: A Home Schooler's Guide to the Classical Curriculum
2007978-1-930953-72-7Thomas Babington Macaulay · Study Guide by: Cheryl LoweHoratius At the Bridge, Text and Study Guide
2008978-1-930953-73-4Andrew A. CampbellThe Latin-Centered Curriculum: A Home Educator's Guide to a Classical Education
  ''978-1-930953-74-1John HaarenFamous Men of the Middle Ages
2006978-1-930953-75-8Tanya Charlton · Leigh LoweFamous Men of the Middle Ages, Student Guide
2006978-1-930953-76-5Tanya Charlton · Leigh LoweFamous Men of the Middle Ages, Teacher Guide
2008978-1-930953-77-2John Haaren · Addison B. PolandFamous Men of Greece
2007978-1-930953-78-9Leigh LoweFamous Men of Greece Student Guide
  ''978-1-930953-79-6   ''Famous Men of Greece, Teacher Guide
2006978-1-930953-80-2Cheryl Lowe · Leigh LoweFamous Men of Rome, Student Guide
  ''978-1-930953-81-9   ''Famous Men of Rome, Teacher Guide
2008978-1-930953-82-6John Haaren · A. B. PolandFamous Men of Rome
2006978-1-930953-83-3Cheryl Lowe · Leigh LoweD'Aulaires' Greek Myths, Student Guide
  ''978-1-930953-84-0   ''D'Aulaires' Greek Myths, Teacher Guide
2005978-1-930953-85-7Leigh Lowe · Cheryl LoweCopybook I
  ''978-1-930953-86-4   ''Copybook II
2005978-1-930953-87-1Leigh Lowe · Cheryl LoweCopybook III
  ''978-1-930953-88-8Memoria PressComposition & Sketchbook II: 1/2" Ruled for 1st-2nd Grade Students
2006978-1-930953-89-5Highlands Latin School FacultyChristian Studies I, Student Book
2006978-1-930953-90-1Highlands Latin School FacultyChristian Studies I, Teacher Manual
  ''978-1-930953-91-8   ''Christian Studies II, Student Book
  ''978-1-930953-92-5   ''Christian Studies II, Teacher Manual
  ''978-1-930953-93-2   ''Christian Studies III, Student Book
  ''978-1-930953-94-9   ''Christian Studies III, Teacher Manual
2005978-1-930953-95-6Martin CothranLingua Biblica, Student Book (English and Latin Edition)
2005978-1-930953-96-3Martin CothranLingua Biblica Old Testament Translation Course Teacher Manual Book
2006978-1-930953-97-0Paul O'BrienLudere Latine I
2005978-1-930953-98-7Paul O'BrienLudere Latine II
2006978-1-930953-99-4   ''The Book of Roots