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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-930699-00-7Project Management InstituteGovernment Extension to a Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)--2000 Edition
2003978-1-930699-02-1Project Management InstituteThe PMI Compendium of Project Management Practices
  ''978-1-930699-04-5   ''Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (Opm3) Overview
2004978-1-930699-06-9Bill L., Dr, Ph.D. Zwerman · Janice L., Dr., Ph.D. Thomas · Susan HaydtProfessionalization of Project Management: Exploring the Past to Map the Future
2003978-1-930699-08-3Project Management InstituteOrganizational Project Management Maturity Model (Opm3): Knowlwdge Foundation
  ''978-1-930699-10-6   ''Q & As for the PMBOK Guide, 2000 Edition
2002978-1-930699-11-3Francis Marion WebsterProject Management Basics Duo: PM101 and PM102 According to the Old Curmudgeon
  ''978-1-930699-17-5Project Management InstitutePmbok Guide Official Translations Chinese (Chinese Edition)
2003978-1-930699-18-2   ''Pmbok Guide Official Translations Spanish
2002978-1-930699-19-9Pmbok Guide Official Translations Portuguese (Portuguese Edition)
2003978-1-930699-20-5Project Management InstitutePM Book Guide (Japanese Edition)
  ''978-1-930699-21-2   ''A Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge (German Edition)
2003978-1-930699-22-9Not AvailableGuida Al Project Management Body of Knowledege (PMBOK Handbooks) (Italian Edition)
2003978-1-930699-23-6Not AvailablePmbok Guide Official Translations French (French Edition)
  ''978-1-930699-24-3Project Management InstitutePmbok Guide Official Translations Korean (Korean Edition)
2000978-1-930699-30-4   ''Pmp & Pmbok Package
2003978-1-930699-34-2   ''Proceedings of PMI Research Conference 2003
  ''978-1-930699-35-9   ''Salary Survey
2004978-1-930699-36-6Young-Hoon, Ph.D. Kwak · Jerry Doherty · Antonia Mambelli · Amin Mourad · Joe SperanzoCase Studies In Project Management: Springfield Interchange Improvement Project
2006978-1-930699-37-3Peter Morris · Ashley JamiesonTranslating Corporate Strategy Into Project Strategy: Realizing Corporate Strategy Through Project Management
2003978-1-930699-38-0Lynn, DBA Crawford · J. Brian Hobbs · J. Rodney, Professor TurnerProject Categorization Systems: Aligning Capability with Strategy for Better Results
2005978-1-930699-39-7Frank T. AnbariQ & A's for the PMBOK Guide
2003978-1-930699-40-3Project Management InstituteConstruction Extension to the Pmbok Guide
2004978-1-930699-42-7   ''Practice Standard For Earned Value Management
978-1-930699-43-4Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (Opm3)
2004978-1-930699-45-8Project Management InstituteA Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition (PMBOK Guides)
2007978-1-930699-47-2Project Management InstitutePractice Standard for Project Configuration Management
2004978-1-930699-49-6   ''A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Pmbok Guide) Third Edition: 2004
  ''978-1-930699-50-2   ''A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
2005978-1-930699-52-6Project Management Institute StaffConstruction Extension to the PMBOK Guide
  ''978-1-930699-53-3Frank T., Ph.D. AnbariProject Phoenix: Rebuilding an American Landmark: Individual Case With Teaching Notes
2006978-1-930699-54-0Project Management InstituteThe Standard for Program Management
  ''978-1-930699-57-1Tomas Blomquist · Ralf MollerMiddle Managers in Program and Project Portfolio Management: Practices, Roles and Responsibilities
  ''978-1-930699-59-5Dennis P. Slevin · David I. Cleland · Jeffrey K. PintoInnovations: Project Management Research 2004
2006978-1-930699-70-0Project Management InstituteGuide Du Corpus Des Connaissances En Management de Projet (French Edition)
  ''978-1-930699-71-7PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Inc.A Guida Al Project Management Body Of Knowledge (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-930699-72-4Project Management InstituteA Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: Dritte Ausgabe (German Edition)
2005978-1-930699-73-1   ''Guia de los Fundamentos de la Direccion de Proyectos (Pmbok Guide) (Spanish Edition)
2004978-1-930699-75-5Project Mangement InstituteA Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Pmbok Guide)Third Edition: Official Japanese Translation (Japanese Edition)
2007978-1-930699-84-7Project Management InstitutePractice Standard for Scheduling
2006978-1-930699-88-5   ''Project Management Professional (Pmp) Examination Specification
  ''978-1-930699-89-2Quentin W. Fleming · Joel M. KoppelmanEarned Value Project Management, 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-930699-90-8Project Management InstituteThe Standard for Portfolio Management
2006978-1-930699-91-5Project Management InstituteGovernment Extension to the PMBOK® Guide Third Edition