Humanoids Inc

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2002978-1-930652-19-4Denis Pierre FilippiThe Book of Jack
2001978-1-930652-22-4Luc SchuitenZara (The hollow grounds)
2002978-1-930652-23-1Alexandro Jodorowsky · Juan GimenezMetabarons: Poet and Killer
2003978-1-930652-24-8Alexandro Jodorowsky · Juan GimenezThe Metabarons:Blood and Steel
2002978-1-930652-26-2Enki BilalMemories of Outer Space
  ''978-1-930652-27-9Alexandro JodorowskyBouncer: Cain's Eye
2000978-1-930652-29-3   ''The Techno Priests Book 2 - Nohope Penitentiary School
  ''978-1-930652-30-9Richard MarazanoDUSK - Poor Tom
2001978-1-930652-31-6Alexandro JodorowskyThe Techno Priests - Book 3 - Planeta Games
2002978-1-930652-32-3Luca Enoch · Mario AlbertMorgana 1: Heaven's Gate (Morgana (Humanoids))
  ''978-1-930652-34-7Alexandro JodorowskyOrphan of the City Shaft (The Incal, Book 1)
2002978-1-930652-36-1Juan GimenezThe Fourth Power
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2001978-1-930652-38-5Enki BilalThe cruise of lost souls
  ''978-1-930652-39-2   ''Ship of stone
2002978-1-930652-41-5Alexandro JodorowskyThe Metabarons: Alpha/Omega
2003978-1-930652-43-9Thierry Smolderen · Pop · Enrico MariniNegative Exposure: Fear and Loathing in Kokonino World
2002978-1-930652-47-7Alexandro Jodorowsky · Juan GimenezThe Metabarons: Path of the Warrior
2003978-1-930652-49-1Alexandro Jodorowsky · Francois BoucoBouncer: The Executioners' Mercy
2002978-1-930652-50-7Pierre Dionnet · Enki Bilal · Jean-Pierre DionnetExterminator 17
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2002978-1-930652-79-8Xavier Dorison · Christophe Bec · Justin KellyUSS Nebraska (Sanctum, Book 1)
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2002978-1-930652-83-5Enki BilalThe Dormant Beast
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  ''978-1-930652-85-9Alexandro JodorowskyJohn Difool, Class "R" Detective (The Incal, Book 2)
2003978-1-930652-89-7   ''Technopriests 4: Halcatraz, Executioners' Star
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2002978-1-930652-93-4Alexandro JodorowskyMetabarons IV: Immaculate Conception