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1992978-1-930607-03-3Willy Peeters · Michael MaasWarmachines No. 11 - Merkava MK2/MK3, Israeli Defense Force
  ''978-1-930607-09-5Willy PeetersWarmachines PLUS Volume I - Willys, Dodge, GMC
1991978-1-930607-11-8Willy Peeters · Ronny MeurisLock On No. 14 - USS Forrestal "Gateway to the Danger Zone"
1992978-1-930607-12-5Willy Peeters · John BrooksLock On No. 15 - F/A-18 A/C & CF-18C Hornet by Willy Peeters, John Brooks (1992) Paperback
  ''978-1-930607-14-9Robert Senkowski · Cezary PiotrowskiLock On No. 17 - Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker
1993978-1-930607-15-6Willy PeetersLock On No. 18 - Grumman F-14A/B Tomcat
  ''978-1-930607-16-3Zoltan BuzaLock On No. 19 - Mikoyan MiG 29 A/C Fulcrum
  ''978-1-930607-17-0Willy PeetersLock On No. 20 - Grumman A-6E, KA-6D Intruder, EA-6B Prowler
1993978-1-930607-19-4Willy PeetersLock On No. 22 - McDonnell Douglas F-15 E Strike Eagle
1997978-1-930607-25-5Francois VerlindenLock On No. 28 - Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2
1993978-1-930607-28-6Francois VerlindenArmor in Detail, No. 1: Tiger 1 Ausf. E (Sd.Kfz. 181)
1998978-1-930607-29-3   ''Armor in Detail No. 2: Panther Ausf. A
1996978-1-930607-30-9   ''Verlinden's Showcase No. 5
1997978-1-930607-32-3   ''Verlinden's Showcase No. 7
1993978-1-930607-33-0   ''The System: Vol. 1, Figure Painting
1998978-1-930607-39-2Francois VerlindenOn Target No. 1 Modelling Special: The German Tiger Tanks
1999978-1-930607-41-5   ''WWII Aircraft Vol. II: Modeling, Detailing, Painting Weathering and Building Dioramas
  ''978-1-930607-42-2   ''Military Vehicles Vol. I - Building, Detailing, Painting and Weathering
2000978-1-930607-44-6   ''Building Military Dioramas, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-930607-47-7   ''Military Vehicles, Vol. II: Building, Detailing, Painting and Weathering
2001978-1-930607-49-1Francois VerlindenGreg Cihlar's Fabulous Military Dioramas
  ''978-1-930607-50-7   ''Building Military Dioramas Vol. III
2002978-1-930607-52-1   ''Building Military Dioramas, Vol. 4
  ''978-1-930607-53-8   ''WWII Aircraft Vol. III: Modeling, Detailing, Painting Weathering and Building Dioramas
  ''978-1-930607-54-5   ''Building Military Vehicles, Vol. III
2002978-1-930607-55-2Francois VerlindenBuilding Military Dioramas Vol. V
  ''978-1-930607-56-9   ''Building Military Dioramas Vol. VI
2003978-1-930607-58-3   ''Building Military Dioramas Vol. VII
  ''978-1-930607-59-0   ''Building Military Dioramas, Vol. VIII