year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-930580-03-9Priscilla ValentinePotbellied Pig Behavior And Training
2001978-1-930580-08-4Charley VingoItalians of the American Northwest
  ''978-1-930580-11-4Michael D. PrestonHypnosis: Medicine of the Mind: A Complete Manual on Hypnosis for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Practitioner
  ''978-1-930580-17-6Th. HardingBurning Alive: Chronicles of One Manic-Depressive's Survival
  ''978-1-930580-18-3Millie BeadlesTo Love and Love Again
  ''978-1-930580-19-0Delbert NuxollLaughter and Tears Through My Logging Years
2002978-1-930580-28-2Nature Conservancy of Idaho · Karen Johnson LambProject Conserve: A Curriculum Covering Topics in Conservation Biology
2003978-1-930580-39-8Dot KirschkeIt's About Friends
2004978-1-930580-47-3Dick ClasonThe Ranger and the Green Derby: Historical Western
2004978-1-930580-48-0Leane R. Austin · Wade J. HenryRooms Where I Live
2003978-1-930580-49-7Benjamin A. Samuelson · Jeff ShevlowitzAbiding Hope: Bearing Witness to the Holocaust
2004978-1-930580-57-2Jack ZagerWhere Do the Tigers Go? A Collection of Children's Poetry
  ''978-1-930580-69-5Wayne ShangThe Captive Marine Aquarium: A Colorful Photographic Resource for the Aquarist, Special Edition
2005978-1-930580-70-1Judith K. BergThe Otter Spirit: A National History Story
  ''978-1-930580-71-8Karun NayarThe House of Ecksteins: A Doctor's Ill-Fated Journey
2006978-1-930580-72-5Edith Aileen NoeSalmon River Backcountry Recollections: And Other Noodling Around
2005978-1-930580-73-2Philip G. GallmanRadar Reflectors for Cruising Sailboats: Why They Work, How to Evaluate Them, and What the Limitations Are
2011978-1-930580-74-9Priscilla ValentinePotbellied Pig Behavior and Training: A Complete Guide for Solving Behavioral Problems in Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs, Revised Edition
2005978-1-930580-78-7Joel PenningtonThe Ten Year War: Ten Classic Games Between Bo and Woody

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