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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-930536-00-5Helen C. Norvell Valerie Larson-LohrHyperbaric Nursing
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  ''978-1-930536-02-9Wesley Y. YaporOn Site Management of Scuba Diving and Boating Emergencies
  ''978-1-930536-05-0David MerrittMending the Bends: Assessment, Management, and Recompression Therapy
2003978-1-930536-07-4Jonathan Bird · Best Publishing CompanyAdventures With Sharks
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2003978-1-930536-09-8Eric P. KindwallUnexpected Odyssey
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2003978-1-930536-14-2Bruce R. WienkeBasic Decompression Theory and Application, Second Edition
2004978-1-930536-16-6Paul J. SheffieldWound Care Practice, 1st Edition
2003978-1-930536-18-0Divers Alert NetworkThe DAN Guide to Dive Medical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
2005978-1-930536-21-0Polly HoustonStroke: Recovery with Oxygen
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  ''978-1-930536-37-1Thomas B Kelley · H Dale Nute · Michael A Zinszer · Mark Fuelner · Gregg Stanton · William Charlton Jr · Joerg Hess · Terry Roy JohnsonUnderwater Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement
2007978-1-930536-38-8Paul J. Sheffield · Caroline E. FifeWound Care Practice, 2nd Edition, Two Volumes
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  ''978-1-930536-51-7United States NavyU S Navy Diving Manual, Revision 6 on CD ROM
2011978-1-930536-61-6Jayesh B. Shah · MDWound Care Certification Study Guide
2013978-1-930536-72-2Dive Rescue International and Robert TeatherEncyclopedia of Underwater Investigations, Second Edition