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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-930367-00-5Ed Shewan · Michael McHugh · Edward ShewanThe World God Made
2007978-1-930367-05-0Garry MoesBuilding Spelling Skills 2
1996978-1-930367-19-7Ed Shewan · Garry MoesApplications of Grammar Book 1: Basics for Communicating Effectively (49615)
2007978-1-930367-20-3Ed ShewanBasics For Communicating Effect Ans Ky (Applications of Gram)
  ''978-1-930367-22-7   ''Structure For Communicating Effectively (Applications of Grammar, Book 2)
  ''978-1-930367-28-9   ''Applications of Grammar Book 4: Principles of Effective Communication
1992978-1-930367-43-2Albert Hyma · Mary Stanton · Michael McHughStreams of Civilization: Earliest Times to the Discovery of the New World (Vol 1) (79555)
1995978-1-930367-46-3Garry J. Moes · Eric Bristley · Garry MoesStreams of Civilization Vol. 2: Cultures in Conflict Since the Reformation
2007978-1-930367-47-0Ed ShewanStreams Of Civilization, Vol. 2: Teacher's Manual
2000978-1-930367-52-4Douglas Bond · Ron Farris · Michael J. McHughMr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation
2007978-1-930367-53-1Douglas BondMr Pipes Comes To America
2001978-1-930367-56-2Sol Bloom · Lars Johnson · Michael J. McHugh · Lars R. JohnsonThe Story of the Constitution, 2nd Edition
2007978-1-930367-57-9Lars JohnsonStory of the Constitution
  ''978-1-930367-60-9Florence LindstromLiberty Mathematics Level K
  ''978-1-930367-77-7Michael McHughStory Of The Middle Ages (Misc Homeschool)
2007978-1-930367-86-9Frank LathamJed Smith Trailblazer Of The West
  ''978-1-930367-87-6Michael McHughWriting With Prayer (Handwriting)
  ''978-1-930367-89-0H. Rider HaggardPearl Maiden
2004978-1-930367-92-0Leslie MacKenzie · David K. Arwine · Edward J. Shewan · Michael J. McHughBiology: A Search For Order in Complexity, 2nd Edition
2007978-1-930367-93-7Ed ShewanBiology 2E Teachers Manual (Misc Homeschool)
  ''978-1-930367-96-8H. Rider HaggardLysbeth A Tale Of The Dutch
  ''978-1-930367-97-5   ''Brethren A Tale Of The Crusades *OP (Haggard)
2004978-1-930367-98-2Derek CarlsenFaith and Courage: Commentary on ACTS