Purple Mountain Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-930098-02-2Michael KudishThe Catskill Forest: A History
  ''978-1-930098-08-4Carleton MabeeThe American Leonardo: A Life of Samuel F. B. Morse
  ''978-1-930098-09-1V. T. DacquinoSybil Ludington: The Call to Arms (New Yorkers and the Revolution)
  ''978-1-930098-10-7Martin PodskochFire Towers of the Catskills: Their History and Lore
2002978-1-930098-19-0Timothy J. TodishAmerica's First First World War: The French and Indian War, 1754-1763
  ''978-1-930098-20-6Timothy J. Todish · Gary ZabolyThe Annotated and Illustrated Journals of Major Robert Rogers
2001978-1-930098-31-2William H. MillerSS Independence SS Constitution
2002978-1-930098-37-4Bernard L. RudbergTwenty-five Years on the ND&C: A History of the Newburgh, Dutchess & Connecticut Railroad
2003978-1-930098-41-1Robert TitusThe Catskills in the Ice Age, Revised Edition
2002978-1-930098-43-5Diane GalushaLiquid Assets: A History of New York City's Water System
2003978-1-930098-45-9Lincoln DiamantDIVE! The Story of David Bushnell and His Remarkable 1776 Submarine (and Torpedo)
2005978-1-930098-48-0Gary EmersonA Link in the Great Chain: A History of the Chemung Canal
2003978-1-930098-49-7John TaibiRails Along the Oriskany
2004978-1-930098-54-1Lincoln Diamant · George S. GardnerDefending the Hudson in the American Revolution
2004978-1-930098-60-2Robert KirkwoodThrough So Many Dangers: The Memoirs and Adventures of Robert Kirk, Late of the Royal Highland Regiment
  ''978-1-930098-62-6Robert TitusThe Catskills: A Geological Guide
2002978-1-930098-65-7Michael KudishWhere Did The Tracks Go In The Western Adirondacks? (Mountain Railroads of New York State)
2006978-1-930098-74-9Pierette Domenica SimpsonAlive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History
  ''978-1-930098-75-6Ian Macpherson McCullochSons of the Mountains: The Highland Regiments in the French and Indian War, 1756-1767
  ''978-1-930098-76-3Ian McPherson McCullochSons of the Mountains: The Highland Regiments in the French and Indian War, 1756-1767, Vol. 2
2007978-1-930098-81-7Michael KudishMountain Railroads of New York State, Volume Two: Where Did the Tracks Go in the Central Adirondacks?
  ''978-1-930098-82-4Robert TitusThe Other Side of Time: Essays by "The Catskill Geologist"
2008978-1-930098-87-9V. T. DacquinoSybil Ludington: Discovering the Life of a Revolutionary War Hero
2008978-1-930098-91-6Francis J. Duffy"Always on Station": The Story of the Sandy Hook Ship Pilots
  ''978-1-930098-92-3Bob SteudingThe Heart of the Catskills