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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-929976-03-4H. J. RallesKeeper of the Kingdom (Keeper Series)
2001978-1-929976-08-9Jimmy FoxDeadly Pedigree (Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery)
2012978-1-929976-10-2H. J. RallesDarok 9 (Darok Series) (Volume 1)
2002978-1-929976-17-1Carl BrookinsA Superior Mystery (Michael Tanner Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-929976-19-5Rochelle Majer Krich · Michael Mallory · Lisa SeidmanMurder on Sunset Boulevard
2012978-1-929976-21-8H J RallesKeeper of the Realm (Keeper Series) (Volume 3)
2011978-1-929976-25-6   ''Keeper of the Empire: Keeper Series
2005978-1-929976-31-7H.J. RallesDarok 10 (Moon)
  ''978-1-929976-32-4Carl BrookinsOld Silver (Michael Tanner)
  ''978-1-929976-34-8et al J. M. M. HallowayMurder Across the Map
2006978-1-929976-35-5H. J. RallesKeeper of the Colony
2012978-1-929976-36-2William MancheeCactus Island (Stan Turner Mystery) (The Stan Turner Mysteries) (Volume 7)
2006978-1-929976-37-9Gay Degani · Pamela Samuels YoungLandmarked for Murder
2008978-1-929976-38-6William MancheeCactus Island (Stan Turner Mysteries)
2007978-1-929976-39-3H. J. RallesKeeper of the Island
2012978-1-929976-40-9William MancheeAct Normal: A Stan Turner Mystery (The Stan Turner Mysteries)
  ''978-1-929976-46-1Michael MalloryThe Exploits of the Second Mrs. Watson: An Emelia Watson Mystery
2008978-1-929976-48-5William MancheeTarizon: The Liberator (Tarizon Trilogy)
2009978-1-929976-52-2   ''Tarizon, Vol. 2: Civil War
2011978-1-929976-58-4Michael MalloryMurder in the Bath: Amelia Watson Mystery
2011978-1-929976-63-8William MancheeTarizon: The Liberator: Tarizon Trilogy
2010978-1-929976-64-5Naomi Hirahara · Eric Stone · Juliet BlackwellMurder in La-la Land: Sisters in Crime / Los Angeles Chapter
  ''978-1-929976-65-2William MancheeTarizon: Conquest Earth (Tarizon Trilogy)
  ''978-1-929976-66-9   ''Disillusioned: A Stan Turner Mystery
2011978-1-929976-78-2   ''Undaunted (Stan Turner Mysteries)
2011978-1-929976-84-3William MancheeDeadly Defiance (Stan Turner Mysteries)
  ''978-1-929976-85-0   ''Cash Call