Brynmorgen Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2001978-1-929565-01-6Bruce Baker · Tim McCreightTeaching with Confidence
2005978-1-929565-05-4Tim McCreightComplete Metalsmith: Professional Edition
  ''978-1-929565-06-1   ''Complete Metalsmith: Student Edition
2004978-1-929565-11-5Eitoku SugimoriJapanese Patinas
2006978-1-929565-16-0Tim McCreightPractical Joining
  ''978-1-929565-17-7   ''Design Language, Interpretive Edition
  ''978-1-929565-19-1   ''PMC Decade
  ''978-1-929565-20-7Pat LaMarcheLeft Out in America: The State of Homelessness in the United States
2007978-1-929565-21-4Tim McCreight / VariousPMC Technic: A Collection of Techniques for Precious Metal Clay
2008978-1-929565-22-1John CogswellCreative Stonesetting
2007978-1-929565-23-8Tim McCreightMetalsmith's Book of Boxes and Lockets
2007978-1-929565-25-2Jeanette Landenwitch · et. al.PMC Guild Annual, Volume 1 by Jeanette Landenwitch, et. al. (2007) Paperback
2008978-1-929565-26-9Charles Lewton-BrainFoldforming
  ''978-1-929565-28-3Jeanette Landenwitch · et. al.PMC Guild Annual, Volume 2
2009978-1-929565-29-0Jeanette LandenwitchSetting Stones in Metal Clay
  ''978-1-929565-32-0Nancy Megan CorwinChasing and Repousse: Methods Ancient and Modern
2010978-1-929565-33-7Dominique AudetteJewelry Illustration
2009978-1-929565-34-4PMC Guild Annual Exceptional Work in Metal Clay #4
2011978-1-929565-42-9Alan RevereProfessional Jewelry Making: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Jewelry Techniques
2013978-1-929565-49-8Betty Helen Longhi · Cynthia EidCreative Metal Forming