Plan Nine Publishing

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-929462-00-1Pete AbramsSluggy Freelance: When Holidays Attack! (Book 3)
2000978-1-929462-03-2John RobeyChildproof the Unicorns
  ''978-1-929462-04-9Jeffrey T. DarlingtonMating Call of the North American Computer Geek (General Protection Fault)
2006978-1-929462-07-0Bill HolbrookIron Rabbit
2000978-1-929462-08-7John RobeyLa vida panthera, starring Tiffany Tiger: A Suburban jungle portfolio
  ''978-1-929462-09-4Pete AbramsSluggy Freelance: Game Called on Account of Naked Chick (Book 4)
  ''978-1-929462-11-7David Craig SimpsonOzy and Millie: A comic strip collection
2001978-1-929462-17-9Simon TravagliaBastard Operator From Hell (Version 1.0) (Bastard Operator From Hell)
2000978-1-929462-18-6Bill HolbrookFor the Birds (Kevin & Kell)
  ''978-1-929462-19-3Jeffrey T. DarlingtonGone With The Windows (General Protection Fault)
2000978-1-929462-20-9David Craig SimpsonNever Mind Pants (Ozy and Millie, Book 2)
2001978-1-929462-22-3Ian McDonaldBruno: Most Wanted (Bruno the Bandit)
  ''978-1-929462-23-0Pete AbramsSluggy Freelance: Yippy Skippy, the Evil! (Book 5)
  ''978-1-929462-26-1Bill HolbrookBooth bunnies: A "Kevin & Kell" collection
  ''978-1-929462-29-2   ''Election night fever: A "Kevin & Kell" collection
978-1-929462-30-8   ''Carrots and Sticks (Kevin and Kell, The Eighth Collection) by Bill Holbrook
2001978-1-929462-37-7Peter AbramsBug, Witch and the Robot
2002978-1-929462-38-4Jeffrey T. DarlingtonGeek Shall Inherit the Earth, The
  ''978-1-929462-39-1Illiad · JD FrazerUser Friendly Version 1.0
2001978-1-929462-40-7Simon TravagliaBastard Operator from Hell II: Son of the Bastard (Bastard Operator from Hell No. 2)
2001978-1-929462-43-8david simpsonozy and millie III: ink and White Space
2002978-1-929462-46-9John RobeyLove Bites (Suburban Jungle, Book 2)
  ''978-1-929462-48-3Simon TravagliaBride of the Bastard Operator from Hell; The Third BOFH Collection by Simon Travaglia
2003978-1-929462-56-8David Craig SimpsonAuthentic Banana Dye (Ozy and Millie, IV)
  ''978-1-929462-63-6Simon TravagliaBastard Operator from Hell IV: Dummy Mode is Forever
2005978-1-929462-65-0Bill HolbrookOh, The Humanity!
2006978-1-929462-66-7Susan RankinA Doemain of Our Own
  ''978-1-929462-67-4Albert TempleGene Catlow
2004978-1-929462-69-8John RobeyOrange Alert
2007978-1-929462-79-7Bill HolbrookYo Momma
2004978-1-929462-87-2   ''Straight Outta Computers
2005978-1-929462-93-3John RobeyTough Breaks
  ''978-1-929462-94-0Simon TravagliaDial "B" For Bastard! (Bastard Operator From Hell V) (Bastard Operator From Hell V)