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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-929133-01-7Timothy RemusHot Rod Hardware
2000978-1-929133-02-4Timothy Remus · Tim RemusMotorcycle Cruiser Performance and Customizing Guide
2001978-1-929133-04-8Tim Remus · Chris MaidaAmerican V-Twin Engine: Evo & Twin Cam--Hop-up and Repair
2002978-1-929133-06-2Timothy RemusHow to Build a Chopper
2001978-1-929133-07-9Tim RemusClassic Triumph Calendar 2002
2002978-1-929133-08-6Buck LovellAmerican Police Motorcycles
2003978-1-929133-09-3Kip WoodringHarley-Davidson Sportster/Buell Engine Hop-Up Guide (Biker Basics)
  ''978-1-929133-10-9Tim RemusClassic Triumph Motorcycles 2003 Calendar
2002978-1-929133-11-6Timothy RemusHow to Build a Kit Bike
2003978-1-929133-12-3   ''Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication
2004978-1-929133-13-0   ''Minneapolis to Mobile: Via the Mississippi and Tennessee
2003978-1-929133-14-7Jon KosmoskiAdvanced Custom Painting Techniques
2004978-1-929133-16-1Eric HermannHow to Paint & Draw Motorcycles
  ''978-1-929133-17-8Timothy RemusHow To Build a Cheap Chopper
  ''978-1-929133-18-5   ''How to Hop-Up and Customize Your Harley-Davidson Bagger
  ''978-1-929133-19-2   ''Classic Triumph Motorcycle 2005 Calendar
2005978-1-929133-20-8Timothy RemusAdvanced Airbrush Art: How to Secrets From the Masters
  ''978-1-929133-21-5   ''Triumph Motorcycles: From Speed-Twin to Bonneville
2006978-1-929133-22-2   ''Harley-Davidson Softail: How To Hop-Up & Customize
  ''978-1-929133-23-9   ''Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly & Fabrication Manual
  ''978-1-929133-24-6Kevin BaasHow To Build An Old Skool Bobber (Biker Basics)
  ''978-1-929133-25-3Timothy RemusHow To Build A Bobber
2006978-1-929133-27-7Jon KosmoskiAdvanced Custom Painting Techniques - Spanish Language Edition (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-929133-28-4Vince GoodeveProfessional Airbrush Techniques with Vince Goodeve
2005978-1-929133-29-1Timothy RemusClassic Triumph Calendar 2006
2006978-1-929133-30-7Dennis OverholserHow to Wire Your Hot Rod (Hot Rod Basics)
  ''978-1-929133-32-1Tim RemusAdvanced Pinstripe Art (How-To Secrets from the Masters)
  ''978-1-929133-33-8Doug MitchelAdvanced Tattoo Art (How-To Secrets from the Masters)
2008978-1-929133-35-2John Marcullis · Bob YezekBike Builder Math (Biker Basics)
2006978-1-929133-37-6Timothy RemusHow-To: Advanced Custom Motorcycle Chassis
2007978-1-929133-39-0Alan MayesHow to: Fix American V-Twin Motorcycles (Biker Basics)
  ''978-1-929133-40-6Doug MitchelBlacksmithing Basics
2007978-1-929133-41-3Jeff ZielinskiHow to: Advanced Custom Motorcycle Wiring (Custom Builder)
  ''978-1-929133-42-0Timothy Remus · Garry ChitwoodTriumph Motorcycle Restoration
2010978-1-929133-44-4Jack L. ChisenhallHow to Air Condition Your Hot Rod (Hot Rod Basics)
2007978-1-929133-45-1Horst RoslerBonneville: World's Fastest Motorcycles (Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-929133-46-8Timothy RemusSheet Metal Fabrication Basics (Biker Basics)
2008978-1-929133-47-5   ''How to Paint Tractors & Trucks (Home Shop)
2009978-1-929133-48-2Gene SlaterPaint Your Motorcycle (Biker Basics)
2008978-1-929133-49-9Timothy RemusHow To Chop Tops (Old Skool Skills)
2015978-1-929133-50-5Mickey HarrisAirbrush How-to with Mickey Harris (Air Skool)
2008978-1-929133-51-2Keith BallHow to Build a Bonneville Salt Flats Motorcycle (Custom Builder)
  ''978-1-929133-52-9Joy SurlesTattoo: From Idea to Ink (Tattoo-U)
  ''978-1-929133-53-6Dave Perewitz · Timothy RemusAdvanced Custom Motorcycle Painting (Paint Expert)
2008978-1-929133-55-0George BarrisBarris Kustom Techniques of the '50s: Flames, Scallops, Paneling and Striping (Old Skool Skills)
  ''978-1-929133-56-7George BarrisBarris Kustom Techniques of the '50s: Grilles,Scoops, Fins and Frenching (Old Skool Skills)
978-1-929133-57-4Kawasaki Motorcycle Classics: Enthusiasts Guide
2009978-1-929133-58-1George BarrisBarris Kustom Techniques of the 50's Lights, Skirts, Engines and Interiors (Old Skool Skills)
978-1-929133-59-8Barris Kustom Techniques of the 50's Top Chops, Sectioning, Dechroming and Fadeaways (Old Skool Skills) (v. 1)
2009978-1-929133-62-8Timothy RemusHow-To Fix Up Your Garage (Home Shop)
  ''978-1-929133-63-5Garry Chitwood · Timothy RemusTriumph Motorcycle Restoration: Pre-Unit
2008978-1-929133-66-6Doug MitchelBody Painting
2008978-1-929133-67-3Doug MitchelAir Brushing 101 (Paint Expert)
  ''978-1-929133-68-0Timothy RemusHow to Build the Ultimate American Hot Rod
978-1-929133-73-4Tattoos Through Time
2009978-1-929133-76-5John WanbergComposite Material Fabrication Handbook #1 (Composite Garage Series)
  ''978-1-929133-78-9Joy SurlesTattoo - Behind the Needle (Tattoo-U)
978-1-929133-79-6Face Painting
2009978-1-929133-80-2Frank SeasonHow to Airbrush Pin-Ups
  ''978-1-929133-81-9Rick SchunkHarley-Davidson Panhead Restoration
2010978-1-929133-82-6Beau A. PachecoGuitar Building Basics: Acoustic Assembly at Home
2009978-1-929133-84-0Superior TattooSuperior Tattoo Bible: Book One (Tattoo U,)
2010978-1-929133-85-7Superior TattooTattoo Bible: Book Two
  ''978-1-929133-86-4Timothy RemusAirbrush Bible (Air Skool)
2010978-1-929133-89-5Timothy RemusClassic Triumph Calendar 2011
  ''978-1-929133-90-1   ''Sheet Metal Bible
  ''978-1-929133-92-5East ArtiePro Pinstripe Techniques
  ''978-1-929133-93-2John WanbergComposite Materials: Fabrication Handbook #2 (Composite Garage Series)
2011978-1-929133-95-6John SwitzerPin-Ups on Two Wheels
  ''978-1-929133-98-7Dennis OverholserHot Rod Wiring: A Detailed How-To Guide (Hot Rod Basics)