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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-928994-00-8Melissa Craft · Elliot LewisBuilding a Cisco Network for WIndows 2000
1999978-1-928994-01-5Syngress · Syngress MediaIP Addressing and Subnetting, Including IPv6
2000978-1-928994-03-9Syngress · Keith O'Brien CCIE · Matt Campisi · Elliott LewisConfiguring Cisco Voice Over IP
  ''978-1-928994-04-6David Egan · Paul Zikopoulos · Jamieson BeckerDBA's Guide to Databases Under Linux
  ''978-1-928994-06-0Syngress · Thomas W. ShinderManaging Windows 2000 Network Services
  ''978-1-928994-08-4Brian M. Collins · Stace Cunningham · Martin WeissWindows 2000 Configuration Wizards
  ''978-1-928994-09-1Syngress · Martin Weiss · Paul Shields · Ralph CrumpWindows 2000 Server System Administration Handbook
2000978-1-928994-11-4Syngress · Debra Littlejohn Shinder · Thomas W. ShinderTroubleshooting Windows 2000 TCP/IP
  ''978-1-928994-12-1SyngressDeploying Windows 2000 with Support Tools
  ''978-1-928994-13-8Wayne LawsonBuilding Cisco Remote Access Networks
2001978-1-928994-14-5Syngress · Wayne LawsonConfiguring Cisco AVVID: Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data
2000978-1-928994-15-2Ryan RussellHack Proofing Your Network: Internet Tradecraft
  ''978-1-928994-16-9Robin Walshaw · Syngress PublishingMission Critical Windows 2000 Server Administration (Mission Critical Series)
  ''978-1-928994-17-6Florent Parent · Oliver SteudlerManaging Cisco Network Security
2000978-1-928994-18-3Melissa Craft · Allen V. Keele · et. alConfiguring Citrix Metaframe for Windows 2000 Terminal Services
2001978-1-928994-19-0Travis Laird · Robert Patton · Jennifer OgleDesigning SQL Server 2000 Databases
2000978-1-928994-20-6Bradley DunsmoreMission Critical Internet Security (Mission Critical Series)
2001978-1-928994-21-3Mike FlannaganAdministering Cisco QOS for IP Networks
2000978-1-928994-23-7Syngress · James StangerE-mail Virus Protection Handbook: Protect your E-mail from Viruses, Tojan Horses, and Mobile Code Attacks
2001978-1-928994-24-4Inc. Syngress MediaDesigning and Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Active Directory
  ''978-1-928994-25-1Syngressconfiguring exchange server 2000 (Mission Critical! Series)
  ''978-1-928994-26-8Syngress · Sean ThurstonASP Configuration Handbook
  ''978-1-928994-27-5L. Brent Huston · Teri Bidwell · Ryan Russell · Robin Walshaw · Oliver SteudlerHack Proofing Your Ecommerce Site
  ''978-1-928994-29-9Thomas Shinder · Debra Littlejohn Shinder · Martin GrasdalConfiguring ISA Server 2000
2001978-1-928994-30-5SyngressBuilding SANs with Brocade Fabric Switches
  ''978-1-928994-31-2Syngress · Jeff ForristalHack Proofing Your Web Applications
  ''978-1-928994-34-3James Stanger · Patrick T. LaneHack Proofing Linux: A Guide to Open Source Security
  ''978-1-928994-42-8Jennifer Bray · Brian Senese · Gordon McNutt · Bill Munday · David KammerBluetooth Application Developer's Guide
  ''978-1-928994-44-2Syngress · Ed Mitchell · Ido Dubrawsky · Wyman Miles · F. William LynchHack Proofing Sun Solaris 8
2001978-1-928994-45-9Jeffrey Wheat · Randy Hiser · Jackie Tucker · Alicia Neely · Andy McCulloughDesigning a Wireless Network
  ''978-1-928994-46-6Dan A. Olsen · Ryan Fife · Wei Meng LeeWebmaster's Guide to the Wireless Internet
2002978-1-928994-47-3Henk-Evert Sonder · Jonothon Ortiz · Adam SillsXML.NET Developer's Guide
2001978-1-928994-48-0Syngress · Cameron Developer's Guide (With CD-ROM)
  ''978-1-928994-50-3Saurabh Nandu · · Greg Hack · Adrian Turtschi · Jason Werry · Joseph Albahari · Wei Meng Web Developer's Guide (With CD-ROM)
  ''978-1-928994-51-0Jonathon Ortiz · Mesbah Ahmed · Chris Garrett · Jeremy Faircloth · Wei Meng Lee · Adam Sills · Chris Web Developer's Guide (With CD-ROM)
  ''978-1-928994-52-7Beverly LeDonne · (Logo) · Getconnected com · Jeff McLaughlin · Jeff McLaughlin - should not link to other JM - not same personConsumer's Guide to Cell Phones & Wireless Service
2001978-1-928994-54-1Syngress · Carol Bailey · Tom Shinder · Thomas ShinderConfiguring Windows 2000 without Active Directory
2002978-1-928994-55-8Dario Laverde · Giulio Ferrari · Jurgen StuberProgramming Lego Mindstorms with Java (With CD-ROM)
  ''978-1-928994-56-5Steve Milroy · Ken Cox · · Doug Safford · Laura Barker.NET Mobile Web Developer's Guide
2001978-1-928994-57-2Wei Meng LeeNET Mobile Information Server: Including Outlook Mobile Manager
2002978-1-928994-58-9SyngressBuilding a Cisco Wireless Lan
  ''978-1-928994-59-6Syngress · Eric Ouellet · Neal O'FarrellHackproofing Your Wireless Network
2001978-1-928994-60-2SyngressWindows 2000 Active Directory (Global Knowledge)
  ''978-1-928994-62-6Lauri Bryant.Net Commerce Server 2000 Developer's Guide [With CDROM]
2002978-1-928994-64-0Syngress · Robert Feldt · Lyle Johnson · Jonothon OrtizRuby Developers Guide
2004978-1-928994-66-4Bob MolyneuxDotbomb
2001978-1-928994-67-1Mario Ferrari · Giulio Ferrari · Ralph HempelBuilding Robots With Lego Mindstorms: The Ultimate Tool for Mindstorms Maniacs
2002978-1-928994-70-1Ryan Russell · Dan Kaminsky · Rain Forest Puppy · Joe Grand · K2 · David Ahmad · Hal Flynn · Ido DubrawskyHack Proofing Your Network (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-928994-74-9Cherie Amon · Allen V. Keele · Daniel Kligerman · Drew Simonis · Corey PincockCheck Point Next Generation Security Administration
2002978-1-928994-75-6SyngressJourney to the Center of the Internet: Now Showing in 3-D (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-928994-77-0Steve Casco · Rob Rusher · Greg Meyer · Sarge · David Vaccaro · David AnHack Proofing ColdFusion
2001978-1-928994-80-0Brian Barber · Chad Todd · Norris L. Johnson · Robert ShimonskiConfiguring and Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional (With CD-ROM)
2002978-1-928994-81-7David JorgensenDeveloping .Net Web Services With Xml
2001978-1-928994-83-1Syngress · Martin Walshaw · Sean Thurston · Jeff BankstonCisco AVVID and IP Telephony Design and Implementation
2002978-1-928994-84-8SyngressConfiguring IPv6 for Cisco IOS
  ''978-1-928994-85-5Robert HablutzelDeveloping Web Services with Java APIs for XML (JAX Pack) with CDROM
978-1-928994-86-2LeeComment Line .Net Coding by Example
2002978-1-928994-87-9Michael E. FlannaganBuilding Scalable Cisco Internetworks
2005978-1-928994-88-6SyngressConfiguring Cisco Network Services for Active Directory Adobe Edition
  ''978-1-928994-98-5Russ Rogers · Matthew G DevostHacking a Terror Network: The Silent Threat of Covert Channels