Cloud Kingdom Games

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-928807-00-1Matt MayfieldLair of the Sphinx: a Riddle Book
1993978-1-928807-01-8Rick Smith · Matt MayfieldRiddle Rooms #1: Dungeon Dilemmas
1995978-1-928807-02-5Matt Mayfield · Rick SmithRiddle Rooms #2: Wilderness Puzzles and Perils
1996978-1-928807-03-2Robin Marks · Darryl SeeThieves Island
2000978-1-928807-05-6Matt Mayfield · Rick SmithRiddle Rooms #3: Past, Present and Future
2017978-1-928807-06-3   ''Tower of the Riddle Master: A Riddle Book
2003978-1-928807-08-7   ''Shadowman's Twisted Treasury: A Collection of Killer Puzzles
2017978-1-928807-09-4   ''Quest for the Riddle Stone: a Riddle Book
  ''978-1-928807-10-0   ''Riddle of the Unicorn
2008978-1-928807-13-1Matt MayfieldShadowman's Tricks & Traps