year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-928660-06-4Dave HuntAn Urgent Call to a Serious Faith
2007978-1-928660-07-1Dave HuntIsrael, Islam, and Armageddon
2004978-1-928660-12-5   ''What Love is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God
2007978-1-928660-17-0   ''A Woman Rides The Beast (DVD): The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days
2005978-1-928660-19-4   ''Countdown to the Second Coming
  ''978-1-928660-23-1   ''Seeking and Finding God
2006978-1-928660-32-3Dave HuntJudgment Day!: Islam, Israel, and the Nations
2007978-1-928660-33-0   ''An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith: A Prophetic Alarm for the Bride of Christ
2016978-1-928660-34-7   ''A Calvinist's Honest Doubts Resolved
2018978-1-928660-35-4   ''The Mind Invaders: A Novel (originally titled The Archon Conspiracy)
2007978-1-928660-36-1   ''To Russia with Love: Scripture's Secret Invasion of the Communist Soviet Union
2016978-1-928660-37-8Ruth Hunt · Maria Zeitner LinkeEast Wind: A Survivor's True Story of Faith in the Gulag of WWII
2007978-1-928660-39-2Mark HavilleThe Signs And Wonders Movement: Exposed
2016978-1-928660-43-9Dave HuntThe Nonnegotiable Gospel
2016978-1-928660-48-4Dave HuntYoga and the Body of Christ: What Position Should Christians Hold?
2010978-1-928660-60-6   ''Occult Invasion: The Subtle Seduction of the World and Church (Dave Hunt Classic)
2007978-1-928660-61-3Dave Hunt · T.A. McMahonPsychology and the Church: Critical Questions, Crucial Answers
2010978-1-928660-64-4Dave HuntCosmos, Creator and Human Destiny: Answering Darwin, Dawkins, and the New Atheists
2008978-1-928660-65-1   ''Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust: The New Age Movement in Prophecy (Dave Hunt Classic)
2010978-1-928660-68-2   ''Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist: Communism, Ecumenism and the New World Order (Dave Hunt Classics)
2018978-1-928660-74-3   ''What Love Is This?: Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God

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