Idelson Gnocchi Pub

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-928649-00-7Maria I. NewDiagnosis and Treatment of the Unborn Child
1994978-1-928649-01-4Michel ShadeckDuplex and Phlebology
2000978-1-928649-03-8Jacques MayolHomo Delphinus, The Dolphin Within Man
  ''978-1-928649-11-3Dario GiuglianoThe Mediterranean Diet, Origins and Myths
2001978-1-928649-20-5Dario GiuglianoThe Way They Ate: Origins of the Mediterranean Diet
2003978-1-928649-24-3Jacques MayolThe Ten Kings of the Sea
2004978-1-928649-27-4Umberto Pelizzari · Stefano TovaglieriManual of Freediving: Underwater on a Single Breath
2010978-1-928649-34-2Stig Avall SeverinsenBreatheology: The Art of Conscious Breathing
2015978-1-928649-46-5Umberto Pelizzari · Federico Mana · Roberto ChiozzottoDry Training for Freediving
2016978-1-928649-49-6Umberto Pelizzari · Stefano TovaglieriManual of Freediving Underwater on a single breath Second Edition