Black Dog Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-928619-45-1Otis Adelbert KlineThe Dragoman's Revenge
  ''978-1-928619-46-8Richard TookerZenith Rand, Planet Vigilante
  ''978-1-928619-50-5George F. WortsSouth of Sulu
2011978-1-928619-51-2Sax RohmerThe Green Spider: and Other Forgotten Tales of Mystery and Suspense
2009978-1-928619-58-1Lester DentHell's Hoofprints: The Complete Western Trails Tales of Lester Dent
  ''978-1-928619-59-8Norvell PageCity of Corpses: The Weird Mysteries of Ken Carter
2011978-1-928619-61-1H. Bedford-JonesThe Master of Dragons
2010978-1-928619-75-8Talbot MundyThe Letter of His Orders
2009978-1-928619-80-2Lester DentThe Skull Squadron: The Air War Stories of Lester Dent
  ''978-1-928619-81-9   ''Dead Men's Bones: The Air Adventure Stories of Lester Dent
2009978-1-928619-82-6Roger TorreyBodyguard: and Other Crime Dramas
  ''978-1-928619-83-3Tom RobertsWindy City Pulp Stories No.9
  ''978-1-928619-86-4H. Bedford-JonesThe Golden Goshawk: The Adventures of Captain Dan Marguard by Bedford-Jones, H. (2009) Paperback
2010978-1-928619-87-1Gene ChristieThe Space Annihilator: Early Science Fiction from The Argosy, 1896-1910
  ''978-1-928619-93-2Tom RobertsWindy City Pulp Stories No.10
  ''978-1-928619-96-3Gene ChristieThe People of the Pit
2010978-1-928619-97-0Doug EllisThe Best of Adventure, Volume 1-1910-1912
  ''978-1-928619-98-7Farnham Bishop · Arthur G. BrodeurIn the Grip of the Minotaur
  ''978-1-928619-99-4Arthur Leo ZagatThe Man From Hell