Pine Lake Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-926898-00-1Ann HarrisLorah's Promise
2013978-1-926898-03-2Lynn HendersonRocket Tree Frog and the Big Lake / Grenouille d'Arbre Fusée et le Grand Lac (Rocket Tree Frog)
2014978-1-926898-06-3   ''Rocket Tree Frog visits the Man in the Moon / La Rainette Rocket visite l'Homme sur la Lune (Rocket Tree Frog)
2011978-1-926898-08-7Ann HarrisThomas's Christmas Adventure
  ''978-1-926898-10-0Joan DaulbyCool Blues
  ''978-1-926898-11-7   ''Walter Wind
  ''978-1-926898-12-4   ''Walter Wind and the Turbine
  ''978-1-926898-13-1   ''Walter Wind and Trash Recycled
2011978-1-926898-14-8Joan DaulbyWalter Wind Rescues Santa
  ''978-1-926898-16-2Ann HarrisButterfly Love
2011978-1-926898-18-6Ann HarrisThomas has a Buzzy Day
  ''978-1-926898-19-3Lynn HendersonThe Ghost in the Dungeon
2012978-1-926898-22-3Ann HarrisThomas and the Runaway Pumpkin (Thomas the Kitten)
  ''978-1-926898-23-0   ''Thomas and the Red Something (Thomas the Kitten)
  ''978-1-926898-24-7   ''Thomas and the Flying Saucer
  ''978-1-926898-25-4B.A. BelliveauA Boy in A Box
2012978-1-926898-26-1Arlene JohnstonMagassus Mountain
2013978-1-926898-59-9Ann HarrisLorah's Place (Lorah's Promise)
  ''978-1-926898-60-5Connie RosarioA Sacred Time Together, 2nd edition
2014978-1-926898-64-3Joan DaulbyWalter Wind and Red Hat (Walter Wind)
  ''978-1-926898-70-4Lynne Marie Newton BronsonMr. Krinkity, Krankity, Krabity Krab and that Darn Squawkidy, Bawkidy Bird