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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-926795-00-3Leah Marie DorionRelatives with Roots
  ''978-1-926795-01-0Lisa Bird-WilsonAn Institute of Our Own: A History of the Gabriel Dumont Institute
  ''978-1-926795-04-1Wilfred Burton · Anne PattonCall of the Fiddle
2012978-1-926795-07-2Edwin St PierreRemembering My Metis Past: Reminisces of Edwin St. Pierre
  ''978-1-926795-08-9Donna Lee DumontPeter Fidler and the Métis
  ''978-1-926795-09-6Leah Marie DorionThe Diamond Willow Walking Stick
2013978-1-926795-11-9Gregory Scofield · Amy Brileymaskisina: A Guide to Northern-Style Métis Moccasins
2013978-1-926795-12-6Wilfred BurtonRoogaroo Mickey
  ''978-1-926795-13-3Louise MoineRemembering Will Have to Do: The Life and Times of Louise (Trottier) Moine
  ''978-1-926795-14-0Norman FleuryMichif Dictionary 2013
2014978-1-926795-16-4Ken Caron · Angela CaronManny's Memories
  ''978-1-926795-17-1Leah Marie DorionMy First Métis Lobstick
2015978-1-926795-18-8Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronThe Sash
  ''978-1-926795-19-5   ''Time To Dance
2015978-1-926795-20-1Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronAll About the Sash
  ''978-1-926795-21-8   ''We Are Métis!
  ''978-1-926795-22-5   ''Back To Batoche Days
  ''978-1-926795-23-2   ''Batoche Cheerleader
2015978-1-926795-24-9Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronDancing Shapes
  ''978-1-926795-25-6   ''Métis Dance Shapes
  ''978-1-926795-26-3   ''The Métis Star Dance
  ''978-1-926795-27-0   ''Bang! Beigne!
  ''978-1-926795-28-7   ''What Do You Like on Your Beignes?
2015978-1-926795-29-4Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronMaking Beignes with Kohkum
2015978-1-926795-30-0Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronCan You See Flowers?
  ''978-1-926795-31-7   ''I Spy Flower Beadwork
  ''978-1-926795-32-4   ''Maria Beads a Flower
  ''978-1-926795-33-1   ''Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy
  ''978-1-926795-34-8   ''What's For Lunch?
2015978-1-926795-35-5Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronRababoo Stew for Lunch
2015978-1-926795-36-2Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronSqueak Squawk!
  ''978-1-926795-37-9   ''Andy Learns to Fiddle
  ''978-1-926795-38-6   ''The Fiddle Competition
  ''978-1-926795-39-3   ''Where is the Métis Flag?
  ''978-1-926795-40-9   ''High in the Sky
2015978-1-926795-41-6Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronLet's Make A Métis Flag Pin
2015978-1-926795-42-3Wilfred Burton · Angela CaronWhere's the Roogaroo?
  ''978-1-926795-43-0   ''Do You Believe in Roogaroos?
  ''978-1-926795-44-7   ''Is there A Roogaroo in You?