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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-911658-03-0Dan SharpCold War Interceptor 2019: The RAF's F.155T/O.R. 329 Fighter Projects
  ''978-1-911658-05-4   ''Eagles of the Luftwaffe: Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A, F and G 2019
  ''978-1-911658-06-1Chris Sandham-BaileyRAF Second World War Fighters in Profile 2019 (Aircraft in Profile)
  ''978-1-911658-09-2Dan SharpSecret Projects of the Luftwaffe - Vol 2 2019: 2: Bombers 1939 -1945
2020978-1-911658-10-8   ''Breaking the Luftwaffe 2019: ULTRA as a Weapon of the USAAF
2019978-1-911658-13-9Richard GeorgiouOne Man on a Bike 2019: Adventure on the Road from England to Greece and back
2020978-1-911658-19-1Robin JonesBrunel's Big Railway: Creation of the Great Western Railway
  ''978-1-911658-24-5Dan SharpHeinkel He 162 (Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe Close Up)
2020978-1-911658-27-6Dan SharpMesserschmitt Me 262 (Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe Close Up)
2019978-1-911658-30-6Peter SamsonovDesigning The T-34 2019: Genesis of the Revolutionary Soviet Tank
2020978-1-911658-31-3Kevin TaylorWe Are All Going to Die Here: Ten Years Inside a Philippino Prison - The True Story
  ''978-1-911658-33-7Andy SaundersJunkers Ju 87 Stuka (Eagles of the Luftwaffe)
  ''978-1-911658-35-1Adam LunneyWe Together: 451 and 453 Squadrons at War
  ''978-1-911658-36-8Bob GordonThe Bad Detective: The Incredible Cases of Nic Power
2019978-1-911658-37-5Gareth BrownScooter Boys 2019
2020978-1-911658-38-2Gareth BrownMods & Rockers
  ''978-1-911658-39-9James RobinsonColin Seeley: The machines The magic The man
2020978-1-911658-48-1Stuart OwenThe Evolution of the Custom Scooter
  ''978-1-911658-58-0James RobinsonA History of Triumph Motorcycles
  ''978-1-911658-60-3Stuart OwenLambretta & Vespa Street Racers