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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-910190-01-2Alix T Coste · Patrick VandeputteAntifungals: From Genomics to Resistance and the Development of Novel Agents
  ''978-1-910190-03-6Fabio Bagnoli · Rino RappuoliAdvanced Vaccine Research: Methods for the Decade of Vaccines
  ''978-1-910190-05-0Andreas BurkovskiCorynebacterium Glutamicum: From Systems Biology to Biotechnological Applications
  ''978-1-910190-29-6Gavin LearBiofilms in Bioremediation: Current Research and Emerging Technologies
2017978-1-910190-41-8Markus KostrzewaMALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology
2016978-1-910190-43-2Qinghua Wang · Yizhi Jane TaoInfluenza: Current Research
  ''978-1-910190-49-4Greg A SomervilleStaphylococcus: Genetics and Physiology
2016978-1-910190-51-7Francisco Sobrino · Esteban DomingoFoot-and-Mouth Disease Virus: Current Research and Emerging Trends
  ''978-1-910190-55-5Dmitry A. LosCyanobacteria: Omics and Manipulation
2017978-1-910190-57-9Peter L. GraumannBacillus: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Third edition)
  ''978-1-910190-59-3Diana MarcoMetagenomics: Current Advances and Emerging Concepts
  ''978-1-910190-61-6Nicholas A Bokulich · Charles W BamforthBrewing Microbiology: Current Research, Omics and Microbial Ecology
  ''978-1-910190-63-0Muhammad JamalThe CRISPR/Cas System: Emerging Technology and Application
2017978-1-910190-64-7Muhammad JamalThe CRISPR/Cas System: Emerging Technology and Application
  ''978-1-910190-67-8Hany M. Elsheikha · Edward L. JarrollIllustrated Dictionary of Parasitology in the Post-Genomic Era
  ''978-1-910190-69-2Pedro EscollBacterial Evasion of the Host Immune System
2018978-1-910190-71-5Hemanta K. MajumderMolecular Biology of Kinetoplastid Parasites
2017978-1-910190-73-9William T. Jackson · Carolyn B. CoyneEnteroviruses: Omics, Molecular Biology, and Control
2018978-1-910190-77-7Pina M. Fratamico · Yanhong Liu · Christopher H. SommersPathogenic Escherichia coli: Evolution, Omics, Detection and Control
  ''978-1-910190-79-1Sally RobertsDNA Tumour Viruses: Virology, Pathogenesis and Vaccines
  ''978-1-910190-85-2Paul Hyman · Stephen T AbedonViruses of Microorganisms
2018978-1-910190-87-6Dmitry A. LosCyanobacteria: Signaling and Regulation Systems
  ''978-1-910190-89-0Sandra M. RuzalLactobacillus Genomics and Metabolic Engineering
2019978-1-910190-91-3Hovakim ZakaryanPorcine Viruses: From Pathogenesis to Strategies for Control
  ''978-1-910190-95-1Takashi OnoderaPrions: Current Progress in Advanced Research (Second Edition)