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2013978-1-909301-01-6Pip Wilson · Ian LongBlob Bereavement Cards (Blobs)
  ''978-1-909301-02-3SpeechmarkConsequences Discussion Cards (Cards & Booklet)
  ''978-1-909301-03-0SpeechmarkMore Famous Faces (Cards & Booklet)
  ''978-1-909301-07-8   ''Family Issues Colorcards (Colourcards)
  ''978-1-909301-08-5   ''Decades Discussion Cards 70s/80s (Cards & Booklet)
2014978-1-909301-09-2Karen Fisher · Susan ChildsThe Practical Pain Management Handbook
2014978-1-909301-10-8SpeechmarkTeen Issues -Sex and Relationships (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-11-5Speechmark Publishing LtdListening Skills - Scenes and Sounds Outdoor(Colorcards) (Cards Booklet & CD)
2013978-1-909301-12-2SpeechmarkPairs Plus Colorcards
2014978-1-909301-13-9Speechmark Publishing LtdWho, What, When, Where Colorcards -Interrogative Pronouns: Wh Questions
  ''978-1-909301-14-6SpeechmarkDecades Discussion Cards 90s/00s
  ''978-1-909301-15-3Speechmark Publishing LtdDecisions / Personal Safety - Indoors (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-16-0Speechmark PublishingReminiscence Cue Cards 50s/60s (Colorcards)
2014978-1-909301-17-7Speechmark PublishingTeen Issues - Lifestyle / Life Skills (Colorcards)
1995978-1-909301-18-4SpeechmarkListening Skills Home
2014978-1-909301-20-7Sue ParkinsonRecovery Through Activity
  ''978-1-909301-25-2Speechmark PublishingMore Everyday Objects (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-26-9   ''More Basic Verbs (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-27-6   ''Decisions / Personal Safety - Outdoors (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-28-3Speechmark Publishing LimitedMore What's Wrong (Colorcards)
2014978-1-909301-29-0Speechmark PublishingMore Story Starters (Colorcards)
2015978-1-909301-30-6Barr KazerAdventure Tales - A Framework for Therapeutic Story Creation by and for Children
  ''978-1-909301-31-3Jo LevettCan't Talk? Want to Talk!
  ''978-1-909301-32-0Janet Pembery · Clare Doran · Sarah DuttTime Matters - A practical resource to develop time concepts and self-organisation skills
2016978-1-909301-33-7Maggie Johnson · Alison WintgensThe Selective Mutism Resource Manual: 2nd Edition (A Speechmark Practical Sourcebook)
2015978-1-909301-36-8Pip Wilson · Ian LongThe Big Book of Blob Feelings 2 (Blobs)
  ''978-1-909301-37-5Amy EleftheriadesBuilding Blocks for Communication - Activities for promoting language and communication skills in children with special educational needs
  ''978-1-909301-38-2Pip Wilson · Ian LongBlob School
2015978-1-909301-39-9Robert WubboldingCounselling with Reality Therapy
2014978-1-909301-40-5Nicola GroveThe Big Book of Storysharing
2015978-1-909301-41-2Caroline SmithPlan A is for Autism: Using the Affects Model to Promote Positive Behaviour
2014978-1-909301-42-9Vicki HallLiving Beyond Brain Injury: A Resource Manual
  ''978-1-909301-45-0Speechmark Publishing LimitedMore What are They Thinking (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-46-7Speechmark Publishing LtdMore Prepositions (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-48-1SpeechmarkMore Musical Bingo
  ''978-1-909301-49-8Speechmark Publishing LtdWhat Do I Do? Colorcards
2014978-1-909301-50-4SpeechmarkMusical Bingo
2016978-1-909301-52-8Trevor PowellRecognising Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder): A Practical Guide to Adult Diagnosis and Beyond
2015978-1-909301-55-9Karin Schamroth · Emma LawlorSmiLE Therapy
  ''978-1-909301-57-3Francesca BierensAssisting Students with Language Delays in the Classroom: A Practical Language Programme
  ''978-1-909301-58-0Catharine Lowry · Catherine de la BedoyereSchool Start: Targeted Intervention for Language and Sound Awareness in Reception Class
  ''978-1-909301-59-7Sue NichollsLet's Talk: Resilience (Games for Talking)
  ''978-1-909301-62-7Jo JohnsonShrinking the Smirch: The Young People's Edition
2016978-1-909301-67-2Stephen Parsons · Anna BranaganWord Aware 2: Teaching Vocabulary in the Early Years
2015978-1-909301-68-9Sue NichollsLet's Talk: Emotional Resilience (Games for Talking)
2015978-1-909301-69-6Keith ButlerOn the Frontline with Voices: A Grassroots Handbook for Voice-Hearers, Carers and Clinicians
  ''978-1-909301-70-2Victoria HoneybourneThe Sky's the Limit: A Workbook for Teaching Mental Wellbeing to Young People with SEN (Speechmark Practical Resources)
2016978-1-909301-74-0Laura Walker · Carol LaugharneA Helping Children to Learn About Safer Sexual Behaviour: Taking Steps to Safety (Workbook) and Billy and the Tingles (Storybook): A Narrative ... Children and Sexually Concerning Behaviour
2017978-1-909301-76-4Paula NagelBut What If...: 1 (RollerCoaster Series)
  ''978-1-909301-77-1Paula NagelStuck on a Loop: 2 (RollerCoaster Series)
2017978-1-909301-78-8Paula NagelWhat is 'It'?: 3 (RollerCoaster Series)
  ''978-1-909301-79-5   ''Mind Reading: 4 (RollerCoaster Series)
  ''978-1-909301-80-1   ''Rollercoaster Series: Set
  ''978-1-909301-85-6Juliette TtofaNurturing Emotional Resilience in Vulnerable Children and Young People: A Practical Guide (Nurturing Emotional Resilience Storybooks)
2016978-1-909301-86-3Caroline SmithWriting & Developing Social Stories: Practical Interventions in Autism
  ''978-1-909301-87-0Victoria HoneybourneEducating and Supporting Girls with Asperger's and Autism: A Resource for Education and Health Professionals
2016978-1-909301-93-1Stephen Parsons · Anna BranaganLanguage for Thinking: Colour Edition
  ''978-1-909301-94-8Speechmark Publishing LimitedBasic Verbs (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-95-5   ''Everyday Objects (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-96-2   ''More Basic Sequences (Colorcards)
2016978-1-909301-97-9Speechmark Publishing LimitedMore Sequences: 4-step (Colorcards)
  ''978-1-909301-98-6   ''More Sequences: 6 & 8-Step (Sequencing ColorCards)
2017978-1-909301-99-3Dennis PiperThe Piper Model