Old House Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-908402-02-8George BradshawBradshaw's Handbook
  ''978-1-908402-13-4George BradshawBradshaw's Railway Folded Map 1907
2012978-1-908402-14-1Henry Rodolph de SalisBradshaw's Canals and Navigable Rivers: of England and Wales (Old House)
  ''978-1-908402-47-9George BradshawBradshaw's Continental Railway Guide, 1913 (Old House)
  ''978-1-908402-48-6   ''Bradshaw's Handbook (Premium Edition)
2013978-1-908402-51-6Historic Towns Historic Towns TrustHistorical Map of Tudor London, c.1520: A detailed street map of... (Old House Projects)
  ''978-1-908402-57-8George BradshawBradshaw's International Air Guide, 1934
2014978-1-908402-64-6Brockett L. PHandbook of the United States of America, 1880 (Old House Projects)
2013978-1-908402-65-3Helen WordenDiscover New York, 1943: A Guide for the Men and Women of the Armed Forces (Old House Projects)
2013978-1-908402-71-4Isabel MarksFancy Cycling, 1901: An Edwardian Guide (Old House Projects)
  ''978-1-908402-74-5MacDonald GillGill's Wonderground map of London Town, 1914
2014978-1-908402-77-6Ernest Dudley ChaseAmerica the Wonderland map, 1941: A Pictorial Map of the United States
2013978-1-908402-80-6Charles BoothBooths Maps of London Poverty, 1889 (Old House)
2014978-1-908402-87-5Dorothy LevittThe Woman and the Car: A Chatty Little Handbook for the Edwardian Motoriste (Old House)
  ''978-1-908402-94-3W. Heath RobinsonRailway Ribaldry: Being 96 pages of railway humour (Old House)
  ''978-1-908402-96-7Old House BooksBradshaw's Diary 2015
2015978-1-908402-97-4Liza HollinghurstVintage Knitting: 18 Patterns from the 1940s (Old House)