Skylight Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-908011-01-5Gareth KnightThe Magical World of the Inklings
  ''978-1-908011-03-9Gareth KnightExperience of the Inner Worlds
  ''978-1-908011-05-3   ''Yours Very Truly - Gareth Knight
  ''978-1-908011-06-0Wendy BergRed Tree, White Tree: Faeries and Humans in Partnership
2011978-1-908011-12-1Alan Richardson · Marcus ClaridgeThe Old Sod: The Odd Life and Inner Work of William G. Gray
  ''978-1-908011-14-5William G. GrayWorking with Inner Light: The Magical Journal of William G. Gray
2011978-1-908011-15-2Gareth KnightI Called It Magic
  ''978-1-908011-17-6William G. GrayThe Rollright Ritual
  ''978-1-908011-32-9Gareth Knight · Andre LebeyThe Romance of the Faery Melusine
  ''978-1-908011-33-6Gareth KnightMerlin and the Grail Tradition
  ''978-1-908011-36-7Mike HarrisAwen: The Quest of the Celtic Mysteries
2011978-1-908011-44-2Gareth Knight · Rebecca WilbyThe Abbey Papers
2012978-1-908011-45-9Dion FortuneThe Magical Battle of Britain
  ''978-1-908011-47-3Wendy BergGwenevere and the Round Table
  ''978-1-908011-50-3Peregrin WildoakBy Names and Images: Bringing the Golden Dawn to Life
  ''978-1-908011-60-2Iain SinclairLud Heat: A Book of the Dead Hamlets
2013978-1-908011-72-5Nick FarrellMagical Imagination: The Keys to Magic
2014978-1-908011-85-5Michael HowardLiber Nox: A Traditional Witch's Gramarye