year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-907558-00-9Richard McMunnHow To Become a Train Driver: The Insider's Guide (H2B) (How2become Series)
  ''978-1-907558-01-6Richard McmunnHow To Become a Prison Officer: The ULTIMATE insider's guide for passing the Prison Officer selction process
  ''978-1-907558-02-3Richard McMunnHow To Become a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO): The Insider's Guide
2017978-1-907558-04-7How2becomeHow To Become a Royal Marines Commando: The Insider's Guide (How2become Series)
2010978-1-907558-05-4Richard McmunnHow to Join the Parachute Regiment: The Insider's Guide (How2become Series)
2015978-1-907558-07-8How2BecomeHow To Become A Magistrate: The Insider's Guide
2010978-1-907558-09-2Richard McmunnArmed Forces Tests (Practice Tests for the Army, RAF and Royal Navy): Sample test questions for the RAF, Royal Navy and Army recruitment tests: 1 (Testing Series)
2017978-1-907558-11-5How2becomeThe testing series Police tests: Expert advice on how to pass the Police Officer selection tests. Includes sample tests for the Police Officer Initial Recruitment Tests (PIRT): 1
2010978-1-907558-12-2Richard McMunnFirefighter Tests: The ULTIMATE guide for anyone who is serious about passing the selection tests for becoming a firefighter: 1 (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-17-7   ''How2become: Group Planning and SDT Workbook, Speed, Distance and Time Calculations + Planning Exercises for the RAF Officer, Army Officer and Royal Navy Officer selection process: 1
  ''978-1-907558-18-4Anthony KingHow To Become An Air Traffic Controller:: The Insider's Guide: 1 (How2become Series)
2010978-1-907558-21-4Richard McmunnPsychometric Tests: Expert advice on how to pass Psychometric tests. Includes sample tests questions and advice on how to prepare: 1 (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-24-5   ''Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB): Expert advice on how to pass the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB). Includes insider tips on how to pass the Army Officer selection process: 1 (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-25-2How2BecomeRoyal Navy Officer Admiralty Interview Board (AIB): 1 (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-26-9Richard McmunnRAF OFFICER & Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC).: Expert advice on how to pass the Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC). Includes insider tips on how to pass the RAF Officer selection process: 1
2011978-1-907558-27-6   ''Application Forms: Expert advice on how to complete job application forms. Includes sample responses and tips on submitting a successful application: 1 (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-29-0David IsaacsADVANCED Numerical reasoning Tests: How to pass advanced numerical tests: 1 (Testing Series)
2011978-1-907558-30-6Richard McMunnTrain Driver Tests: The ULTIMATE Guide for Passing the Trainee Train Driver Selection Tests.: 1 (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-40-5How2becomeFirefighter Interview Questions And Answers: The ULTIMATE guide for anyone who is serious about passing the interview for becoming a firefighter: 1 (Testing Series)
978-1-907558-43-6How To Pass The Cabin Crew Interview DVD
2012978-1-907558-45-0Philippa OakleyHow To Become A Nail Technician (Insiders Guide): The Insider's Guide
2011978-1-907558-49-8Richard McMunnArmy BARB Test Questions: Sample Test Questions for the British Army Recruit Battery Test is a comprehensive guide that will help you prepare for the ... Army selection process.: 1 (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-55-9   ''How To Become A Firefighter: The Insider's Guide
2012978-1-907558-56-6Richard McMunnHow To Become A Police Officer: The Insider's Guide (How2become)
2015978-1-907558-58-0How2BecomeHow 2 Join The Royal Air Force: The ULTIMATE insider's guide for passing the RAF selection process (Testing Series)
2011978-1-907558-59-7Richard McmunnSpeed, Distance and Time Tests: Hundreds of sample Speed, Distance and Time test questions (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-62-7Richard McMunnPolice Officer Interview Questions and Answers Workbook (Testing Series)
2012978-1-907558-65-8Lee WoolastonThe ULTIMATE Airline Selection And Interview Preparation Workbook (Testing Series)
2017978-1-907558-68-9How2becomePolice Officer Application Form Questions and Answers Workbook: Includes sample questions and answers for the Police Application Form
2012978-1-907558-69-6Richard McmunnFirefighter Application Form Questions and Answers: The ULTIMATE guide to passing the initial stage of the firefighter selection process (Testing Series)
2011978-1-907558-70-2Antony Stagg · Dianne LloydTeacher Interview Questions and Answers (Testing Series)
  ''978-1-907558-71-9How2BecomeRoyal Marines Officer: The ULTIMATE guide for anyone who is serious about passing the selection process for becoming an Elite Royal Marines Officer (Testing Series)
2012978-1-907558-82-5Richard McmunnThe Testing Series Parachute Regiment Officer: Insider tips on how to pass the Parachute Regiment Officer selection process: 1
  ''978-1-907558-86-3Richard McMunnRailway Verbal Communication Exercises (rVce) Book and Audio CD: 1 (Testing Series)
2017978-1-907558-92-4How2becomeTrain Driver Interview Questions and Answers: How to pass the Train Driver interview including sample questions and answers: 1 (Testing Series)
2012978-1-907558-96-2Lee WoolastonHow To Become Airline Pilot: The ULTIMATE insider's guide for anyone who is serious about becoming a pilot: 1 (How2Become)
2015978-1-907558-98-6How2becomePolice Role Play Exercises: How to pass the police officer role play/interactive exercises.: 1 (Testing Series)
2012978-1-907558-99-3Richard McMunnDots Concentration Tests: The ultimate guide, to help prepare you for your train driver assessment test.: 1 (Testing Series)