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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-907444-00-5Andrew RimmerTrading Places?: VAT and Customs Treatment of Imports, Exports and 'Intra-EC' Trading (Vat Guides)
  ''978-1-907444-01-2Bryan Pickup · Wyn DerbyshireHome Truths: A Guide to Buying and Selling Property
2012978-1-907444-02-9Barbara E. BellEnvironmental Taxes Handbook
  ''978-1-907444-03-6Robin Williamson · Victoria Todd · Low Incomes Tax Reform GroupTax Credits Handbook
2010978-1-907444-04-3Natalie SchoonValuing Banks in Uncertain Times: With Special Reference to Islamic Banks
2012978-1-907444-05-0   ''What's a Bank Worth?: Realistic Valuations of the Finance Industry
  ''978-1-907444-08-1Wyn Derbyshire and Stphen HardyTUPE: Law and Practice
2015978-1-907444-09-8Martin KaneyVAT and Government Departments
2010978-1-907444-10-4Raymond McMahonThe Taxman's Visit: Dealing with a PAYE review
  ''978-1-907444-11-1MichaelLang · Pasquale Pistone · Josef Schuch · Claus StaringerEuropean Tax Law: Direct Taxation
2011978-1-907444-12-8Aidan LangleyEmployee Reward Structures
2010978-1-907444-15-9Malcolm JamesTaxation of Small Businesses
2012978-1-907444-16-6Martin KaneyVAT and the NHS (Vat Guides)
2010978-1-907444-37-1Ken MoodyEmployment-Related Securities and Unlisted Companies
2011978-1-907444-39-5Malcolm JamesTaxation of Small Businesses
2012978-1-907444-41-8   ''Taxation of Small Businesses
2012978-1-907444-42-5Mark CheshamVAT and Financial Services (Vat Guides)
2011978-1-907444-43-2Nigel FeethamTax Arbitrage: Trawling the International Tax System
2012978-1-907444-46-3   ''A Guide to Insurance: Governance, Compliance and Regulation
2016978-1-907444-47-0Mark ButlerEquality and Anti-Discrimination Law: The Equality Act 2010 and Other Anti-Discrimination Protections
2012978-1-907444-48-7Juan Carlos VenegasVat and Small Businesses
  ''978-1-907444-49-4Charity Law Handbook
  ''978-1-907444-50-0Charity Law Handbook
2014978-1-907444-58-6Grant Jones · Peter PextonADR and Trusts: An International Guide to Arbitration and Mediation of Trust Disputes
2012978-1-907444-63-0Michael Scott · Simon WetheredCharity Law Handbook
  ''978-1-907444-65-4Michael Scott · Simon WetheredCharity Law Handbook
  ''978-1-907444-66-1Charity Law Handbook
2012978-1-907444-67-8Michael Scott · Simon WetheredCharity Law Handbook
2013978-1-907444-68-5Michael Lang · Pasquale Pistone · Joseph SchuchIntroduction to European Tax Law: Direct Taxation
  ''978-1-907444-70-8George Denton-AshleyBeing a Landlord
2016978-1-907444-71-5Martin KaneyVAT and the NHS: A technical guide
2013978-1-907444-72-2Ken MoodyEmployment-Related Securities and Unlisted Companies: (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-907444-73-9Malcolm JamesTaxation of Small Businesses
  ''978-1-907444-75-3Ian FlemingA Walk Down the Fairway of Value Added Tax
  ''978-1-907444-77-7Wyn DerbyshireDark Realities - America's Great Depression
2013978-1-907444-78-4Wyn DerbyshireDark Realities - America's Great Depression
2014978-1-907444-79-1Eile GibsonThe Tax Schedule: A Guide to Tax Warranties and Indemnities
2013978-1-907444-80-7Aidan LangleyEmployee Reward Structures
2014978-1-907444-82-1Wyn Derbyshire · Stephen HardyTUPE: Law and Practice
  ''978-1-907444-83-8Malcolm JamesTaxation of Small Businesses 2014-2015
2016978-1-907444-99-9   ''The UK Tax System: an introduction