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2009978-1-907066-00-9Mathew BackholerUnderstanding Revival and Addressing the Issues It Provokes So That We Can Intelligently Cooperate with the Holy Spirit: During Times of Revivals and Awakenings
  ''978-1-907066-01-6Mathew BackholerRevival Fires and Awakenings, Thirty-Six Visitations of the Holy Spirit - A Call to Holiness, Prayer and Intercession for the Nations
  ''978-1-907066-02-3Paul BackholerHow Christianity Made The Modern World - The Legacy of Christian Liberty: How the Bible Inspired Freedom, Shaped Western Civilization, Revolutionized Human Rights, Transformed Democracy and...Heritage
  ''978-1-907066-03-0Mathew BackholerGreat Christian Revivals - the Story of the Evangelical, Welsh and Hebridean Revivals: Accounts of Revival Under Evan Roberts, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Daniel Rowlands and Duncan Campbell
2010978-1-907066-05-4   ''How to Plan, Prepare and Successfully Complete Your Short-Term Mission, for Volunteers, Churches, Independent STM Teams and Mission Organisations: The Ultimate Guide to Missions
  ''978-1-907066-06-1   ''Revival Fire - 150 Years of Revivals, Spiritual Awakenings and Moves of the Holy Spirit: Days of Heaven on Earth!
2010978-1-907066-07-8Mathew BackholerGlobal Revival - Worldwide Outpourings, Forty-Three Visitations of the Holy Spirit, the Great Commission: Revivals in Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America, Australia and Oceania
  ''978-1-907066-08-5Paul BackholerThe Exodus Evidence in Pictures - The Bible's Exodus: The Hunt for Ancient Israel in Egypt, the Red Sea, the Exodus Route and Mount Sinai. the Search
2011978-1-907066-11-5   ''The Ark of the Covenant - Investigating the Ten Leading Claims: Including Pharaoh Shishak's Siege of Solomon's Temple, Ethiopia's Ark, the Garden Tomb
2012978-1-907066-13-9Richard A. Maton · Paul Backholer · Mathew BackholerSamuel Rees Howells, a Life of Intercession: The Legacy of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare of an Intercessor