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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-907040-01-6Stephen BurrowBuddleia Dance on the Asylum: a Nurse's Journey Through a Mental Hospital
2011978-1-907040-12-2N.W GerhardPreserved Warships of the World
2010978-1-907040-13-9Anthony ClaytonDefeat: When Nations Lose War
  ''978-1-907040-23-8Val CornishDamnation Day: Hell's Angel No. 1
2009978-1-907040-26-9Lilian MacDonald · Murdoch MacDonaldPhoenix in a Bottle: How We Overcame Alcoholism, and are Able to Drink Responsibly Again
2010978-1-907040-27-6Geoffrey MeikleTsui
  ''978-1-907040-33-7Roy S. PurcellTom Butler
  ''978-1-907040-34-4J. Ronald AuretThe Land of Lost Dreams
  ''978-1-907040-39-9Ben LusbyA Thousand Ghosts
2010978-1-907040-42-9Betty CarterThe Mystery of the Old Manor House and Other Works
  ''978-1-907040-44-3Maxwell James RobinsonDeath of a Surgeon
  ''978-1-907040-47-4Alice EvansCousin Lizzie's Legacy
  ''978-1-907040-48-1William F. FoxDisappearing Acts
  ''978-1-907040-50-4Harriet ShawThe End of a Legend
2010978-1-907040-54-2John HoustonIbis Initiation Time
  ''978-1-907040-55-9Ceri NormanCeltic Maidens
  ''978-1-907040-60-3Deborah McDermottVoyage of the Redeemed
2011978-1-907040-63-4Laurence JenkinA Scarred Sky
2010978-1-907040-64-1Louise McCullonLost and Found
  ''978-1-907040-65-8John KinghornBeyond the HST
2011978-1-907040-66-5Stella StaffordDid Anyone Die?
  ''978-1-907040-67-2Jess LambertHarvest of the Damned
2011978-1-907040-77-1Mila Crouse · Ruth Pla-Bou · Frieda FranciscoFrom the Banks of the Vltava
  ''978-1-907040-81-8Rosalie WhiteThe Way Back
  ''978-1-907040-82-5Paul MaherA Mind 4 Cricket
  ''978-1-907040-85-6Dr. C. MontegriffoThe Four Walls
  ''978-1-907040-88-7Gwyn RobertsNo Reason Given
2011978-1-907040-90-0John SingletonRambling-on in the Northwest