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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906919-00-9Martin SmithThe Somerset and Dorset Files: No. 5
  ''978-1-906919-01-6Martin SmithThe Somerset and Dorset Files: No. 6
2009978-1-906919-03-0John Nicholas · George ReeveMain Line to the West: Yeovil to Exeter Pt. 3: The Southern Railway Route Between Basingstoke and Exeter
2014978-1-906919-04-7Ian SixsmithThe Book of the Castle 4-6-0s (Book of Series)
2009978-1-906919-05-4Ronald WilkinsonThe Steaming Sixties: Steam in the Suburbs - Changeover on the GN No. 2
  ''978-1-906919-06-1Paul AndersonThe Steaming Sixties: Shed and the Pit - Rose Grove Homage No. 3
  ''978-1-906919-07-8Philip RundleLaira Fireman: Footplate Recollections of a GWR Fireman (Footplate Recollections of Gwr)
  ''978-1-906919-11-5John JennisonThe Book of the Warships
2009978-1-906919-12-2Richard DerryThe Book of the T9 4-4-0s
2010978-1-906919-17-7Allan C. BakerThe Book of the Coronation Pacifics MK II (Book of Series)
2011978-1-906919-19-1Paul RobertsWest Country Bus Memories in Colour
2010978-1-906919-21-4Kevin PileThe Pannier Papers: 16XX No. 5
  ''978-1-906919-23-8Paul AndersonThe Steaming Sixties: Steam Amid the Spoil No. 5
  ''978-1-906919-25-2George ReeveThe Steaming Sixties: No. 7: The Southern Shore
  ''978-1-906919-26-9Robin CharltonThe Steaming Sixties: LMR: London and the North No. 8
  ''978-1-906919-27-6Peter SwiftThe Book of the M7 0-4-4 Ts
2010978-1-906919-28-3John Nicholas · George ReeveThe North Devon Line: The Southern Railway Between Exeter and Ilfracombe
2012978-1-906919-29-0Derek PhillipsPaddington to Weymouth: The Route in the 1950s
2010978-1-906919-30-6Peter CosterThe Book of the Great Northern: Kings Cross to Welwyn Garden City Pt.1
2011978-1-906919-32-0Ian Sixsmith · Richard DerryThe Book of the BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0s
  ''978-1-906919-33-7Richard Derry · Sixsmith IanThe Pannier Papers: 57XX Engines: 36XX, 37XX, 46XX No. 2
  ''978-1-906919-34-4Ian Sixsmith · Richard DerryThe Book of the Merchant Navy Pacifics (Book of Series)
  ''978-1-906919-40-5Ian SixsmithThe Book of the Black Fives LM Class 5 4-6-0s: 45000-45074 (Book of Series)
  ''978-1-906919-41-2John JennisonWarships in Colour
2011978-1-906919-43-6Philip RundleWorking with Steam in Cornwall: Tales from the Clay Country
  ''978-1-906919-44-3Ian Sixsmith · Richard DerryThe Pannier Papers: The 57XX Engines: 57XX, 67XX, 77XX (Pannier Papers Series)
2012978-1-906919-45-0Sixsmith IanThe Book of the Ivatt 4MTS: LMS Class 4 2 6-0S 43000-43161 (Book of Series)
  ''978-1-906919-48-1Ian Sixsmith · Richard DerryThe Pannier Papers: No. 4: The 57XX Engines: 87XX, 96XX, 97XX
  ''978-1-906919-49-8Steven KnightLet's Stick a Little Bit More: A Further Appreciation of Vintage Plastic Modelling Kits
  ''978-1-906919-50-4Ian SixsmithThe Book of the Black Fives - LM Class 4-6-OS: Part 2: 45075 - 45224