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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-906817-01-5James GreenStealing God
  ''978-1-906817-05-3Rab Wilson · Liz Niven · Doug Curran · David Douglas · John Burns · Josie Neill · Hugh Bryden · John MasonChuckies fir the Cairn
  ''978-1-906817-07-7James GreenBad Catholics
  ''978-1-906817-08-4Not KnownKilmarnock Edition Subscriber
  ''978-1-906817-11-4Robin Laing · Bob DewarWhisky Legends of Islay
2009978-1-906817-12-1Ann KelleyInchworm (Gussie)
2010978-1-906817-14-5Mike HardingStrange Lights over Bexleyheath
2009978-1-906817-16-9Daniel Gray · With a foreword by Tony BennHomage to Caledonia: Scotland and the Spanish Civil War
  ''978-1-906817-19-0Alexander BellPeak Water: Civilisation and the world's water crisis
  ''978-1-906817-20-6Ralph StorerThe Ultimate Guide to the Munros, Volume 2: Central Highlands South
  ''978-1-906817-23-7Walter StephenThe Evolution of Evolution: Darwin, Enlightenment and Scotland
  ''978-1-906817-26-8Alison Brown · Ray McKenzie · Robert ProctorThe Flower and the Green Leaf: Glasgow School of Art in the Time of Charles Rennie Mackintosh
2010978-1-906817-30-5Alexander McCall Smith · Brian Cox · Janice GallowayThe Book That Changed My Life
2011978-1-906817-34-3Alan TemperleyMurdo's War
2011978-1-906817-37-4Ian ThompsonJules Verne's Scotland: In Fact and Fiction
2010978-1-906817-39-8James GreenYesterday's Sins
  ''978-1-906817-40-4Ann KelleyA Snail's Broken Shell (Gussie)
  ''978-1-906817-44-2Katharine StewartCattle on a Thousand Hills
  ''978-1-906817-45-9Peter Wright · With a foreword by Robin HarperRibbon of Wildness: Discovering the Watershed of Scotland
  ''978-1-906817-47-3James GreenStealing God (Jimmy Costello)
2010978-1-906817-50-3Clark McGinnThe Ultimate Burns Supper Book: A Practical (but Irreverent) Guide to Scotland's Greatest Celebration
  ''978-1-906817-56-5Ralph StorerThe Ultimate Guide to the Munros Volume 3: Central Highlands North
  ''978-1-906817-57-2David R. RossWomen of Scotland
  ''978-1-906817-59-6Sarah LowndesSocial Sculpture: The Rise of the Glasgow Art Scene
2011978-1-906817-61-9Robin HardyThe Wicker Tree
2010978-1-906817-63-3Ann KelleyThe Light at St Ives
  ''978-1-906817-65-7Margaret MacaulayThe Prisoner of St Kilda: The true story of the unfortunate Lady Grange
2010978-1-906817-66-4Daniel GrayStramash: Tackling Scotland's Towns and Teams
2011978-1-906817-70-1Stuart McHardyA New History of the Picts
  ''978-1-906817-73-2Des DillonAn Experiment in Compassion
  ''978-1-906817-74-9Ian R. Mitchell · George RodwayPrelude to Everest
2010978-1-906817-78-7Hazel McHaffieRemember Remember
2012978-1-906817-87-9Hazel McHaffieSaving Sebastian
2011978-1-906817-88-6David Campbell · Duncan WilliamsonA Traveller in Two Worlds: Volume 1 - The Early Life of Scotland's Wandering Bard
  ''978-1-906817-91-6Kevin LanganThe East Highland Way: Fort William to Aviemore
  ''978-1-906817-92-3Katharine StewartWomen of the Highlands
2011978-1-906817-94-7Gerry HassanRadical Scotland: Arguments for Self-Determination (Viewpoints)
  ''978-1-906817-97-8David Torrance · Alex SalmondGreat Scottish Speeches: 2
2013978-1-906817-98-5Catherine Hermany-VieilleLord James
2011978-1-906817-99-2Andy MacVannanWe are Hibernian