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2009978-1-906779-00-9Jeffrey TaylerIn the Bloody Footsteps of Ghengis Khan: An Epic Journey Across the Steppes, Mountains and Deserts from Red Square to Tiananmen Square
  ''978-1-906779-01-6George HamiltonGeorge Hamilton: Don't Mind If I Do: My Adventures in Hollywood
  ''978-1-906779-02-3Christopher HiltonBradman & the Summer that Changed Cricket
  ''978-1-906779-03-0Carolly EricksonThe Tsarina's Daughter: A Novel
  ''978-1-906779-06-1James 'Tappy' WrightRock Roadie: Backstage and Confidential with Hendrix, Elvis, The Animals, Tina Turner, and an all-star cast
2009978-1-906779-08-5Lisa RogakHaunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King
  ''978-1-906779-09-2Michael FreedlandWitch Hunt in Hollywood: McCarthyism's War On Tinseltown
  ''978-1-906779-10-8Gordon ThomasInside British Intelligence: 100 Years of MI5 and MI6
  ''978-1-906779-11-5Norman TebbitThe Game Cook: Recipes Inspired by a Conversation in My Butcher's Shop
  ''978-1-906779-12-2Dannie Abse · Joan AbseThe Music Lover's Literary Companion
2009978-1-906779-13-9Annie HarrisonFinding Mr. Right: The Real Woman's Guide to Landing That Man
  ''978-1-906779-14-6Graham SharpeRacing's Greatest Characters: Fabulous Stories of Winners and Losers, Runners and Riders
  ''978-1-906779-16-0Michael MunnDavid Niven: The Other Side of the Balloon: The Man Behind the Balloon
2010978-1-906779-20-7Pete BrownWhite Rooms and Imaginary Westerns: Ginsberg, Clapton and Cream an Anarchic Odyssey
2009978-1-906779-21-4Mark BegoThe Elton John Story
2010978-1-906779-23-8David CohenThe Escape of Sigmund Freud
2009978-1-906779-24-5Leslie CaronThank Heaven ...: My Autobiography
2010978-1-906779-27-6Keith BadmanThe Final Years of Marilyn Monroe: The Amazing True Story
2009978-1-906779-28-3Robert RogersOrder! Order!: A Parliamentary Miscellany
  ''978-1-906779-30-6Michael WinnerWinner's Dinners: The Restaurant & Hotel Guide - Over 600 Places to Visit, Not to Visit, to Love, to Hate!
2010978-1-906779-31-3Pam SpurrHow to be a Happy Human: 10 Essential Principles to Change Your Life
2009978-1-906779-33-7Frank JohnsonBest Seat in the House: The Wit and Parliamentary Chronicles of Frank Johnson
  ''978-1-906779-34-4David BretJean Harlow: Tarnished Angel
2009978-1-906779-35-1Robert RossSid James: Cockney Rebel
  ''978-1-906779-39-9L.Jon WertheimStrokes of Genius: Federer v Nadal, Rivals in Greatness
  ''978-1-906779-40-5Brian GlanvilleThe Real Arsenal: From Chapman to Wenger - The Unofficial Story
  ''978-1-906779-43-6Monica SelesGetting a Grip: On My Game, My Body, My Mind...My Self
  ''978-1-906779-44-3Humphrey LytteltonLast Chorus: An Autobiographical Medley
2009978-1-906779-45-0Maureen LipmanPast-it Notes
2010978-1-906779-46-7Joshua Shifrin101 Incredible Moments in Tennis: The Good, the Bad and the Infamous
2009978-1-906779-47-4Julian SeamanBadminton Revisited: An Anecdotal History
  ''978-1-906779-48-1Paul SchneiderBonnie and Clyde: The Lives Behind the Legend
  ''978-1-906779-50-4Stephen WeismanChaplin: A Life
  ''978-1-906779-51-1Sandro MonettiMickey Rourke: Wrestling With Demons
  ''978-1-906779-52-8David BretMario Lanza: Sublime Serenade
2009978-1-906779-53-5David BretErrol Flynn: Gentleman Hellraiser
  ''978-1-906779-54-2John MerrimanThe Dynamite Club: How a Bombing in Fin-de-Siecle Paris Ignited the Age of Modern Terror
  ''978-1-906779-56-6Terry TeachoutPops: The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong
  ''978-1-906779-57-3Milton JonesWhere Do Comedians Go When They Die?: Journeys of a Stand-up
  ''978-1-906779-58-0Peter BrookesThe Best of Times...: A Cartoon Collection
2009978-1-906779-60-3Alex Steuart Williams101 Ways to Leave the Law
  ''978-1-906779-61-0Val DoonicanMy Story, My Life: Val Doonican - The Complete Autobiography
  ''978-1-906779-62-7Humphrey LytteltonFaces of Humph: Caricatures and Memories
  ''978-1-906779-63-4Alex Steuart Williams · Sarah Crowther · Nick Reid101 Uses for a Useless Banker
  ''978-1-906779-64-1Peter Ames CarlinPaul McCartney: A Life
2010978-1-906779-66-5David BretClark Gable: Tormented Star
2010978-1-906779-67-2Michael MunnDavid Niven: The Man Behind the Balloon
  ''978-1-906779-68-9Eric FrattiniThe Entity: Five Centuries of Secret Vatican Espionage
  ''978-1-906779-69-6Ernest BorgnineErnest Borgnine: The Autobiography
  ''978-1-906779-70-2Hunton DownsThe Glenn Miller Conspiracy: The Shocking Truth of How He Died and Why
  ''978-1-906779-71-9Lisa RogakHaunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King
2010978-1-906779-74-0Kathleen TracyMorgan Freeman: A Biography
  ''978-1-906779-75-7Robert VaughnRobert Vaughn: A Fortunate Life: An Autobiography
  ''978-1-906779-76-4Carolly EricksonMary Queen of Scots: A Novel
  ''978-1-906779-78-8Robin D.G. KelleyThelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original
  ''978-1-906779-79-5Michael MunnSteve McQueen: Living on the Edge
2010978-1-906779-80-1Sean Egan50 Years of Coronation Street: The (Very) Unofficial Story
  ''978-1-906779-81-8Thomas HauserWaiting for Carver Boyd
  ''978-1-906779-82-5Nick WebbThe Dictionary of Political Bullshit
  ''978-1-906779-84-9Frederic RaphaelFinal Demands
  ''978-1-906779-85-6Brian HoeyWe Are Amused: A Royal Miscellany
2010978-1-906779-86-3Christopher PlummerIn Spite of Myself: A Memoir
  ''978-1-906779-87-0John SadlerDunkirk to Belsen - The Soldiers' Own Dramatic Stories
  ''978-1-906779-88-7Ray Galton · Alan SimpsonThe Lost Hancock Scripts: 10 Scripts from the Classic Radio and TV Series
  ''978-1-906779-89-4Andy SecombeGrowing Up with the Goons
2011978-1-906779-90-0Clare House · Forward by Fern BrittonRaising Twins: The Essential Guide from Pre-birth to Young Adult
2010978-1-906779-94-8David Ismay · Chris GidneyBob Monkhouse: Unpublished!
  ''978-1-906779-95-5Mark RyanFabio Capello: The Boss
2010978-1-906779-97-9Tony Scherman · David DaltonAndy Warhol: The Art of Genius