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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906736-01-9Alan WilliamsBright Red Revision: Higher Computing
  ''978-1-906736-02-6John TaylorBright Red Revision: Higher Physics
  ''978-1-906736-03-3Archie Gibb · David HawleyBright Red Revision: Higher Chemistry
  ''978-1-906736-04-0Christine DavisBright Red Revision: Higher Maths
2009978-1-906736-05-7Cara Matthew · Clare LittleBrightRED Revision: Higher Biology
  ''978-1-906736-06-4David Hawley · Sandy McLemanBright Red Results: Standard Grade Chemistry
2011978-1-906736-07-1Sarah Fletcher · Andrew McGuigan · Andy ShieldBrightRED Results: Standard Grade Physics
2008978-1-906736-08-8Janet WilsonBright Red Results: Credit Maths
2008978-1-906736-09-5David CockburnBright Red Results: Standard Grade English
2010978-1-906736-10-1Ralph HarndenBrightRED Results: Standard Grade Geography
2008978-1-906736-13-2Fred Thornhill · et alBrightRED Results: Standard Grade Biology
2010978-1-906736-18-7Moira Stephen · Caroline PattersonHigher Business Management (Bright Red) (BrightRED Revisions)
  ''978-1-906736-19-4Archie Gibb · David HawleyBrightRED Revision: Advanced Higher Chemistry (BrightRED Revisions)
  ''978-1-906736-20-0Andrew McGuiganBrightRED Revision: Advanced Higher PHYSICS
  ''978-1-906736-21-7David Lloyd · Geoff MorganBrightRED Revision: Advanced Higher Biology (BrightRED Revisions)
  ''978-1-906736-22-4John RutterBrightRED Revision: Higher Geography
2010978-1-906736-23-1Cara MatthewBrightRED Revision: Higher Human Biology
  ''978-1-906736-25-5Emma WelshBrightRED Results: Standard Grade French
2011978-1-906736-29-3Linda Moon · Philip Moon · Mike GreenBrightRED Revision: Advanced Higher Maths
2013978-1-906736-32-3Margaret Cook · Fred ThornhillNational 5 Biology (BrightRED Study Guides)
  ''978-1-906736-34-7Shona Scheurl · Robert West · Shona WallaceNational 5 Chemistry (BrightRED Study Guides)
  ''978-1-906736-35-4Alan WilliamsNational 5 Computing Science (BrightRED Study Guides)
  ''978-1-906736-36-1Christopher NicolNational 5 English (BrightRED Study Guide) (BrightRED Study Guides)
2013978-1-906736-37-8Orla Herron · Lisa AlbarracinBrightRED Study Guide: National 5 French (BrightRED Study Guides)
2014978-1-906736-38-5Ralph HarndenNational 5 Geography (Bright Red Study Guide) (BrightRED Study Guides)
2013978-1-906736-40-8Christopher Mackay · Aileen MackayNational 5 History - Scotland (Bright Red Study Guide) (BrightRED Study Guides)
  ''978-1-906736-41-5Brian J LoganNational 5 Mathematics (Bright Red Study Guide) (BrightRED Study Guides)
  ''978-1-906736-44-6Paul Van der BoonNational 5 Physics (BrightRED Study Guides)
2014978-1-906736-57-6Angela Grant and Kathleen Ritchie Cara MatthewCfE Higher Biology (Bright Red Study Guide)
  ''978-1-906736-58-3William Reynolds and Nadene MorinCfE Higher Business Management (Bright Red Study Guide)
2015978-1-906736-64-4Angela Grant and Kathleen Ritchie Cara MatthewCfE Higher Human Biology (Bright Red Study Guide)
2016978-1-906736-70-5David Lloyd · Geoff MorganCfE Advanced Higher Biology (Bright Red Study Guide)