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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906598-00-6Roger WillemsenAn Afghan Journey
2009978-1-906598-04-4Jason ThompsonA History of Egypt: From the Earliest Times to the Present
  ''978-1-906598-05-1Jill Jager · Lisa Bohunovsky · Stefan GiljumSustainability Project Subscription: Our Planet: How Much More Can Earth Take? (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-06-8Stefan Rahmstorf · Katherine RichardsonSustainability Project Subscription: Our Theatened Oceans (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-07-5Wolfram MauserSustainability Project Subscription: Water Resources: Efficient, Sustainable and Equitable Use (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-08-2Hermann-Josef WagnerSustainability Project Subscription: Energy: The World's Race for Resources in the 21st Century (Sustainability Project)
2009978-1-906598-09-9Friedrich Schmidt-BleekSustainability Project Subscription: The Earth: Natural Resources and Human Intervention (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-10-5Rainer Munz · Albert F. RietererSustainability Project Subscription: Overcrowded World: Population Explosion and International MIgration (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-11-2Klaus HahlbrockSustainability Project Subscription: Feeding the Planet: Environmental Protection Through Sustainable Agriculture (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-12-9Bernd MeyerSustainability Project Subscription: Costing the Earth: Restructuring the Economy for Sustainable Development (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-13-6Stefan KaufmannSustainability Project Subscription: The New Plagues: Pandemics and Poverty in a Globalized World (Sustainability Project)
2009978-1-906598-15-0Josef R. ReichholfSustainability Project Subscription: The Demise of Diversity: Loss and Extinction (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-21-1Christopher SomervilleSomerville's 100 Best Walks (Daily Telegraph)
  ''978-1-906598-23-5Simone VeilSimone Veil: A Life: The Autobiography of Simone Veil
2010978-1-906598-24-2Michael StreeterMakers of Modern World: South America (Makers of the Modern World)
2009978-1-906598-26-6Jonathan ClementsMannerheim: President, Soldier, Spy
  ''978-1-906598-27-3Iliya TrojanowAlong the Ganges (Armchair Traveller)
  ''978-1-906598-29-7Rafik Schami · Marie FadelDamascus: Taste Of A City (Armchair Traveller (Haus Publishing))
2010978-1-906598-31-0Jeremy ReedThe King of Carnaby Street: A Life of John Stephen
2009978-1-906598-32-7Richard Starks · Miriam MurcuttAlong The River That Flows Uphill: From the Orinocco to the Amazon (Armchair Traveller)
2009978-1-906598-33-4Desmond Seward · Susan MountgarretOld Puglia (Armchair Traveller)
  ''978-1-906598-34-1Clough PatriciaThe Flight Across the Ice: The Escape of the East Prussian Horses
  ''978-1-906598-35-8John WorthenT. S. Eliot
  ''978-1-906598-36-5Mojib LatifClimate Change - The Point of No Return (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-37-2Professor Jill JagerOur Planet: How Much More Can Earth Take? (Sustainability Project)
2009978-1-906598-39-6Stefan RahmstorfOur Threatened Oceans (Sustainability Project)
  ''978-1-906598-42-6Benjamin MoserWhy This World: A Biography of Clarice Lispector
  ''978-1-906598-43-3Alex CapusA Question of Time
  ''978-1-906598-44-0Siegfried LenzA Minute's Silence
  ''978-1-906598-45-7Clarice Lispector · Benjamin MoserThe Apple in the Dark
2010978-1-906598-65-5Uzma Aslam KhanThe Geometry of God
2010978-1-906598-68-6Jenny WoolfThe Mystery of Lewis Carroll: Understanding the Author of Alice in Wonderland
  ''978-1-906598-74-7Aerik OrsennaPortrait of the Gulf Stream (Armchair Traveller)
  ''978-1-906598-78-5Alex CapusSailing by Starlight: In Search of Treasure Island (Red Books)
  ''978-1-906598-80-8Jeffrey LewisTheme Song for an Old Show
  ''978-1-906598-83-9Rafik Schami · Marie FadelDamascus: Taste of a City
2011978-1-906598-86-0John WorthenT.S. Eliot: A Short Biography
2011978-1-906598-87-7Joachim WillmsNapoleon & St Helena: On the Island of Exile (Armchair Traveller)
  ''978-1-906598-88-4Klaus WagenbachKafka: A Life in Prague (Literary Traveller)
  ''978-1-906598-89-1Mahmoud DowlatabadiThe Colonel
  ''978-1-906598-91-4Ilija TrojanowAlong the Ganges (Armchair Traveller)