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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906552-00-8Amatzia AvniChess Tips for the Improving Player
  ''978-1-906552-01-5Artur YusupovBuild up your Chess with Artur Yusupov: The Fundamentals: 1
  ''978-1-906552-02-2Danny Kopec · Walter Browne · Lubomir FtacnikChampions of the New Millennium
  ''978-1-906552-03-9Issac LipnitskyQuestions of Modern Chess Theory: A Soviet Classic (Chess Classics)
2009978-1-906552-04-6Mihail MarinGrandmaster Repertoire: English Opening: v. 1
2008978-1-906552-05-3Boris Avrukh1.d4: v. 1 (Grandmaster Repertoire)
2014978-1-906552-06-0ParimarjanNegi1.e4 vs the French, Caro-Kann & Philidor (Grandmaster Repertoire)
2010978-1-906552-08-4Lubomir FtacnikGrandmaster Repertoire: Sicilian Defence
978-1-906552-09-1Jacob AagaardVerbessern Sie Ihr Schach - Super Edition
2008978-1-906552-10-7Artur YusupovBuild Up Your Chess: Beyond the Basics v. II (Build Up Your Chess with Artur Yusupov)
2010978-1-906552-12-1John ShawQuality Chess Puzzle Book
2008978-1-906552-15-2Jan MarkosBeat the Kid: Three Lines Against the King's Indian
2009978-1-906552-17-6Sabino BrunelloAttacking the Spanish
  ''978-1-906552-18-3Lars SchandorffPlaying the Queen's Gambit: A Grandmaster Guide
2010978-1-906552-20-6A SuetinSoviet Chess Strategy (Chess Classics)
978-1-906552-23-7Boris Awruch1. d4 - Band Eins
978-1-906552-24-4Die Englische Eröffnung - Band Eins
2009978-1-906552-26-8Artur YusupovBuild up your Chess 3: Mastery
978-1-906552-29-9Boris Awruch1. d4 - Band Zwei
2009978-1-906552-32-9Mihail Marin · Yuri GarrettReggio Emilia 2007/2008: The Golden Jubilee Tournament
2010978-1-906552-33-6Boris AvrukhGrandmaster Repertoire: 1.D4: v. 2
2010978-1-906552-37-4Tibor Karolyi · Nick AplinGenius in the Background
  ''978-1-906552-38-1Mihail MarinGrandmaster Repertoire: English Opening: v. 2
  ''978-1-906552-40-4Artur YusupovBoost Your Chess: Fundamentals No. 1
2011978-1-906552-41-1Tibor KarolyiKarpov's Strategic Wins: The Making of a Champion No. 1
  ''978-1-906552-42-8   ''Karpov's Strategic Wins: The Prime Years No. 2
2010978-1-906552-43-5Artur YusupovBoost Your Chess: Beyond the Basics No. 2
2011978-1-906552-44-2   ''Boost Your Chess Mastery: 3 (Yusupov's Chess School)
2012978-1-906552-45-9UNKNOWNCHESS EVOLUTION 1 (Yusupov's Chess School)
  ''978-1-906552-46-6Artur YusupovChess Evolution 2: Beyond the Basics
2013978-1-906552-47-3YUSUPOV ACHESS EVOLUTION 3 (Yusupov's Chess School)
2011978-1-906552-52-7Vassilios KotroniasGrandmaster Battle Manual (Grandmaster Repertoire Series)
2010978-1-906552-53-4Boris AltermanAlterman Gambit Guide: White Gambits (The Alterman Gambit Guide)
2011978-1-906552-54-1Boris AltermanThe Alterman Gambit Guide: Black Gambits 1
2010978-1-906552-55-8Christian BauerPlay the Scandinavian
2010978-1-906552-56-5Lars SchandorffGrandmaster Repertoire 7: The Caro-Kann
  ''978-1-906552-57-2Milos PavlovicOpen Sicilian: No. 1 (Cutting Edge) (Cutting Edge (Saddleback)) (The Cutting Edge)
  ''978-1-906552-59-6Mihail MarinGrandmaster Repertoire: The English Opening: v. 3
2013978-1-906552-71-8SHAW JKING S GAMBIT (Grandmaster Guide)
2011978-1-906552-75-6UNKNOWNGRNFELD DEFENCE: 1 (Grandmaster Repertoire)
  ''978-1-906552-77-0Milos PavlovicSicilian Najdorf 6.Be3 (Cutting Edge (Pb))
  ''978-1-906552-80-0Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard · Grandmaster John ShawExperts on the Anti-Sicilian (Grandmaster Repertoire Series)
2011978-1-906552-82-4Vladimir PopovChess Lessons (Grandmaster Repertoire Series)
  ''978-1-906552-84-8Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard · Grandmaster John ShawGrandmaster Versus Amateur (Grandmaster Repertoire Series)
2012978-1-906552-86-2UNKNOWNPOSITIONAL CHESS SACRIFICES (Grandmaster Repertoire Series)
2011978-1-906552-91-6Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard · Nikolaos NtirlisGrandmaster Repertoire 10 - The Tarrasch Defence
978-1-906552-94-7Mihail MarinDie Englische Eröffnung - Band Zwei
978-1-906552-95-4   ''Die Englische Eröffnung - Band Drei
2012978-1-906552-96-1Boris AltermanAlterman Gambit Guide: Black Gambits 2 (Grandmaster Repertoire Series)