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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906419-00-4Antony M FordPullman Profile No. 1: The 12-Wheel Cars
  ''978-1-906419-01-1Jeffery GrayerIn the Tracks of the ACE - The Destruction of the Southern Network West of Salisbury
  ''978-1-906419-02-8Bruce Murray & Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Railway Victoria Station - A Unique Perspective
  ''978-1-906419-03-5Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way: Issue No. 3
  ''978-1-906419-04-2Bruce OliverSteam on the Isle of Wight: A Personal Journey
2008978-1-906419-05-9Kevin (E) RobertsonThe Southern Way: Issue No. 4 (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-08-0John DedmanBR Blue No. 2: Western Region South and West
  ''978-1-906419-09-7Geof SheppardBroad Gauge Locomotives
2009978-1-906419-10-3Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way: Issue No. 5 (Southern Way Series)
2008978-1-906419-11-0Colin JudgeThe History of Great Western A.E.C. Diesel Railcars (History)
2009978-1-906419-12-7Bruce Murray · Kevin RobertsonGeorge Heiron's Southern Collection: Waterloo to Ilfracombe
  ''978-1-906419-13-4Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way: Issue no. 6 (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-14-1Bruce OliverWaterloo to Southampton by Steam
2009978-1-906419-16-5Kevin RobertsonSouthern Way - Special Issue No. 3: Wartime Southern: Preparation, ARP and Enemy Action (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-17-2   ''The Southern Way: No. 7
  ''978-1-906419-18-9   ''The Southern Way: No. 8
2010978-1-906419-22-6Antony M. FordPullman Profile: No. 2: The Standard 'K' Type Cars
2009978-1-906419-24-0Kevin RobertsonBlue Pullman Supplement
  ''978-1-906419-26-4David HammersleyA Bowater's Album
2010978-1-906419-28-8Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way: Issue No. 9 (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-30-1   ''The Southern Way: Issue No 10 (Southern Way Series)
2010978-1-906419-31-8Jeffery GrayerImpermanent Ways: The Closed Lines of Britain - Hampshire: 1
  ''978-1-906419-32-5Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way Issue No. 11 (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-33-2R. J. EsseryAn Illustrated History of LMS Wagons: v.1
2009978-1-906419-34-9Brian GoldingA Pictorial Record of Southern Electric Units: Drawings and Plans (Closed Lines of Britain)
2010978-1-906419-35-6Mike WilliamsA Chronology of the Constituent Locomotives of the Southern Railway: Pt.1: SECR (1899-1923) LBSCR, LSWR Locomotive Origins, Lifespan, Name Details
2015978-1-906419-36-3Mike JacobsMemories of Isle of Wight Railways
2010978-1-906419-37-0Kevin RobertsonSouthern Way Special Issue No. 5: Wartime Southern Part 2 - From Dunkirk to 'D'Day
  ''978-1-906419-38-7   ''Southern Way Special Issue: No. 4: Southern Colour to the West: Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall
  ''978-1-906419-39-4Amyas CrumpThe Tiverton Museum Railway Collection
2010978-1-906419-40-0Richard ParkinsonExeter Memories: Exmouth Junction Fireman
  ''978-1-906419-42-4Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way: No. 12 (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-43-1John DedmanBR Blue: No.3: Freight in the 1980s
  ''978-1-906419-44-8Jeffery GrayerSabotaged and Defeated Revisited: Pre and Post Closure Views on the Somerset and Dorset
  ''978-1-906419-45-5Michael WelchSouthern Coaches in Colour
2011978-1-906419-46-2Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way Issue: No.13
2011978-1-906419-50-9Jeffery GrayerImpermanent Ways: The closed lines of Britain, Vol 2 - Sussex
2011978-1-906419-51-6Jeffery GrayerRails Across the Plain: The Amesbury - Bulford Railway
  ''978-1-906419-52-3Michael HarrisLNER Carriages
  ''978-1-906419-53-0Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way Issue No 14 (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-54-7   ''The Southern Way (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-55-4   ''The Southern Way Special Issue: No. 6: The Scene Behind the Scene (Southern Way Wartime Series): 3
2011978-1-906419-56-1Terry ColeThe Southern Way Special Issue: No. 7: Southern Colour in the Sixties - A Second Selection
  ''978-1-906419-57-8Antony M. FordPullman Profile: The All Steel 'K-type' Cars
  ''978-1-906419-60-8Gordon WrightBR Blue No 4: Type 4 Diesel Power (BR Blue (Noodle Books))
  ''978-1-906419-62-2Kevin RobertsonGreat Western Coaches in Colour
  ''978-1-906419-63-9   ''The Southern Way: Issue No 16
2011978-1-906419-64-6Mike JacobsMemories of Southern Railways
  ''978-1-906419-65-3Stephen GrantThe LBSCR Elevated Electrification: A Pictorial View of Construction
  ''978-1-906419-66-0David KimberSouthern Region Flashback: The South Western Main Line Through Hampshire
2012978-1-906419-67-7David ShepherdAn Artist Among the Ashes: A Photographic Record at the Very End of Southern Steam
  ''978-1-906419-68-4Kevin RobertsonThe Meon Valley Line, Part 2: A Rural Backwater
2014978-1-906419-69-1Peter TatlowRailway Breakdown Cranes: Volume 1:
2012978-1-906419-70-7Ian CarneyFowler's Fury: The Story of a Unique British Steam Locomotive
  ''978-1-906419-71-4Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way Issue No 17
2012978-1-906419-72-1Jeffery GrayerImpermanent Ways: Wiltshire Volume 3: The Closed Lines of Britain
  ''978-1-906419-73-8David ShepherdAn Artist among the ashes: A photographic record at the very end of Southern Region steam
  ''978-1-906419-75-2Jeremy EnglishModelling the Southern: Ideas and Inspiration
  ''978-1-906419-76-9Amyas CrumpImpermanent Ways: The Closed Lines of Britain Volume 4 - Devon
  ''978-1-906419-77-6John DedmanBR Blue No. 5: Passenger and Parcels
2012978-1-906419-78-3The Southern Way, Issue No. 18
  ''978-1-906419-79-0Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way: Issue no. 19 (Southern Way Series)
  ''978-1-906419-80-6Southern Way: Special Issue No.8: The Other Side of the Southern (Southern Way Special Issue 08)
  ''978-1-906419-82-0Pat AveryPioneer Diesels Around London
  ''978-1-906419-89-9Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Way: Issue no. 20 (Southern Way Series)
2012978-1-906419-90-5Jeffery GrayerSabotaged and Defeated, a Final Glimpse: Bath to Evercreech Part 1: Further Pre and Post Closure Views on the Somerset and Dorset