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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-906370-01-5Penny ClarkeDoomed Ships - Shipwrecks, Ghost Ships and Abandoned Vessels (Adventures in the Real World)
2008978-1-906370-04-6Gerard CheshireJellyfish (Scary Creatures)
  ''978-1-906370-07-7Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Graffex)
  ''978-1-906370-08-4John MalamKiller Whales (Scary Creatures)
  ''978-1-906370-09-1Gerard CheshireLizards (Scary Creatures)
2009978-1-906370-10-7Kathy McEvoy · William ShakespeareHamlet (Graffex)
  ''978-1-906370-11-4Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Graffex)
2009978-1-906370-12-1William Shakespeare · Michael FordJulius Caesar (Graffex)
  ''978-1-906370-13-8Emily BronteWuthering Heights (Graffex)
2008978-1-906370-16-9Carolyn FranklinOcean Life (World of Wonder)
  ''978-1-906370-17-6Carolyn FranklinOcean Life (World of Wonder)
  ''978-1-906370-19-0John MalamAvoid Working on the Statue of Liberty (Danger Zone)
2009978-1-906370-20-6   ''Avoid Working on the Statue of Liberty! (Danger Zone) (The Danger Zone)
2008978-1-906370-21-3Ian GrahamAvoid Being on the First Submarine (Danger Zone)
2009978-1-906370-22-0Ian GrahamAvoid Being in the First Submarine! (Danger Zone) (The Danger Zone)
2008978-1-906370-23-7Fiona MacdonaldAvoid Being a Suffragette! (Danger Zone) (The Danger Zone)
  ''978-1-906370-25-1Jacqueline MorleyAvoid Being in a Medieval Castle! (Danger Zone) (The Danger Zone)
2009978-1-906370-26-8Jacqueline MorleyAvoid Being in a Medieval Castle! (Danger Zone) (The Danger Zone)
2008978-1-906370-28-2David SalariyaSpace Machines (Tough Stuff)
2008978-1-906370-31-2David AntramHow to Draw Cartoons
  ''978-1-906370-32-9Mark BerginTrees and Woodland (How to Draw)
  ''978-1-906370-34-3Mark BerginHow To Draw Ships (How to Draw)
  ''978-1-906370-40-4Gerard CheshirePeople and Places (World of Wonder)
2009978-1-906370-43-5Ian GrahamMachines and Inventions (World of Wonder)
2008978-1-906370-44-2   ''Earth and the Universe (World of Wonder)
2009978-1-906370-45-9   ''Earth and the Universe (World of Wonder)
2008978-1-906370-46-6Gerard CheshireLiving World (World of Wonder) (WOW World of Wonder)
  ''978-1-906370-48-0John MalamPrehistoric Scary Creatures (Scary Creatures)
2008978-1-906370-50-3John MalamScary Creatures: Hyenas
  ''978-1-906370-52-7Penny ClarkeScary Creatures: Of the Wetlands (Scary Creatures)
  ''978-1-906370-54-1   ''Scary Creatures of the Mountains (Scary Creatures)
2009978-1-906370-60-2Carolyn FranklinLion Journal (Animal Journals)
2008978-1-906370-61-9Fiona MacdonaldThe Viking Codex: The Saga of Leif Eriksson
2015978-1-906370-76-3Margot ChanningDinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures (Inside Eye)
2008978-1-906370-81-7David StewartThe Secret Journal of Victor Frankenstein: On the Workings of the Human Body
2009978-1-906370-83-1Penny ClarkeScary Creatures of the City (Scary Creatures)
  ''978-1-906370-87-9Gerard CheshireScary Creatures of the Soil (Scary Creatures)
2015978-1-906370-91-6Fiona MacdonaldScotland: A Very Peculiar History, Volume 1 (Cherished Library)
2012978-1-906370-92-3Michael FordHeroes, Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greek Mythology (Cherished Library)
2008978-1-906370-94-7Jim PipeAvoid Being a Salem Witch! (Danger Zone) (The Danger Zone)
2009978-1-906370-95-4John MalamAvoid Being a Skyscraper Builder! (The Danger Zone)