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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906207-00-7Tobe A. RichardsThe Venezuelan Cuatro Chord Bible: D6 Standard Tuning 1, 728 Chords: ADF No. B Standard Tuning 1, 728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-01-4   ''The Mandolin Chord Bible: GDAE Standard Tuning 2, 736 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-02-1   ''The Irish Bouzouki GDAE Chord Bible: Mandolin Style Tuning 1, 728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-03-8   ''The Tres Cubano Chord Dictionary: C Major Tuning 648 Chords
  ''978-1-906207-04-5   ''The Tres Cubano Chord Dictionary: D Major Tuning 648 Chords (Fretted Friends)
2007978-1-906207-05-2Tobe A. RichardsThe Tenor Guitar Chord Bible: Standard and Irish Tuning - 2,880 Chords (Fretted Friends)
2007978-1-906207-06-9Tobe A. RichardsThe Puerto Rican Cuatro Chord Bible: Beadg Standard Tuning 1, 728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-07-6   ''The Plectrum Banjo Chord Bible: CGBD Standard Tuning 1728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
2008978-1-906207-08-3   ''The Bluegrass Banjo Chord Bible: Open G Tuning 2,160 Chords
  ''978-1-906207-09-0   ''The Cavaquinho Chord Bible: DGBD Standard Tuning 1, 728 Chords
2009978-1-906207-10-6   ''The Cittern Chord Bible: Fifths, Irish and Modal G Longscale Tunings 3, 024 Chords
2009978-1-906207-11-3Tobe A. RichardsThe Portuguese Guitar Chord Bible: Coimbra Tuning 1,728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-12-0   ''The Ukulele Chord Bible: D6 Tuning 2,160 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-13-7   ''The Portuguese Guitar Chord Bible: Lisboa Tuning 1,728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-14-4   ''The Cittern Chord Bible: Fifths, Irish and Modal D Shortscale Tunings (Fretted Friends)
2013978-1-906207-15-1   ''The Renaissance Lute Chord Bible: G Tuning 1,728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
2013978-1-906207-16-8Tobe A. RichardsThe Ronroco Chord Bible: DGBEB Tuning 1,728 Chords (Fretted Friends)
  ''978-1-906207-17-5   ''The Walaycho Chord Bible: DGBEB Standard Tuning 1,728 Chords (Fretted Friends)