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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906206-00-0Eleanor J. CramphornThe Obsidian Key
  ''978-1-906206-01-7Betty LondonWhere Do I Begin?
  ''978-1-906206-02-4Lynn PhillipsMoon Over Watford
  ''978-1-906206-03-1Alison ThompsonBut What About Me?
  ''978-1-906206-04-8Geraldine BridgewaterRing of Truth
2007978-1-906206-05-5Fay DoxfordThe Sound of One Hand Clapping
2008978-1-906206-06-2Denise BarnesFrom Bad to Wurst
2007978-1-906206-07-9Iris LloydDaughter of Prophecy (Bron)
2008978-1-906206-08-6Susannah BrobynTorquil
2007978-1-906206-10-9Jean FrancisYour Day, Your Way: Inspirational Weddings
  ''978-1-906206-11-6Patricia EdwardsWimbledon Confidential
  ''978-1-906206-12-3Mark HarrisFamily Court HELL
  ''978-1-906206-13-0Isa DuncanWhatever Gets You Through the Night
  ''978-1-906206-14-7Richard GrayThe Importance of Being Drunk
2007978-1-906206-15-4Robert RonssonOlympic Mind Games
  ''978-1-906206-16-1Andrew FrewThe Hall of Records
  ''978-1-906206-17-8Charmian StewartHighland Enchantment
  ''978-1-906206-18-5Timothy GoodingThe Ancient Art of Connection
  ''978-1-906206-19-2Bob NorthJimmy Gerratty Ghost Disposer
2008978-1-906206-20-8Jacqui LeesA Complete Course in the Tarot and Psychic Development: Psychic Development Bk. 2
2007978-1-906206-21-5John MurrayLast Warming of the Heart
2007978-1-906206-22-2Alex FlemmingWalk on
2008978-1-906206-23-9Iris LloydFlames of Prophecy (Bron)
2007978-1-906206-24-6Bernard Genge10 Actions to Transform Your Life
  ''978-1-906206-25-3T. F. CarrollThe Angry Witch (A Ponyteer Story)
  ''978-1-906206-26-0   ''The Witches' Revenge: Bk. 2 (A Ponyteer Story)
2008978-1-906206-27-7Elizabeth WatkinsCypher Officer
  ''978-1-906206-29-1Nadia BashooThe Appointed (Hand of Destiny)
2007978-1-906206-30-7J. CrozierWar on the Wards: 1939 - 1945
2008978-1-906206-31-4Graham BardenTwo Pedestrians on Bicycles
  ''978-1-906206-32-1Geoffrey TudorHoofprints in the Clouds - Jeep Tracks in the Mud
2007978-1-906206-33-8John SwainA Life So Full
2008978-1-906206-34-5Brian FishCurves of Freedom
2007978-1-906206-35-2Ana InghamLadder in the Moon Light
2007978-1-906206-36-9Don MoggsThe Livinski Saga
  ''978-1-906206-37-6Gerald HoweAlfie's Adventures: Bk. 5
2008978-1-906206-38-3Geoff CoddThe Drowning Director: A Lifeline for Those at the Top of Business Who May Feel Out of Their Depth in a Sea of Technology Hype and Unfulfilled Promise
  ''978-1-906206-40-6Ruthie ThomasRuby Tucker
2007978-1-906206-41-3Amy Catherine OddyJessica, Josh and Joe
  ''978-1-906206-42-0Virginia AitkenRed Scar
2008978-1-906206-43-7Omar Zaid Bin AbdullahTrinity: Metamorphosis of Myth and Genesis of Terror Bk. 1
2007978-1-906206-44-4Kevin L. HardistyThe Mystic Circle
  ''978-1-906206-45-1Michael RadfordThe Way of Light
2008978-1-906206-46-8Dave PictonThe Adventures of Disco Dave
2008978-1-906206-47-5Matthew KingLayman's Leaves
  ''978-1-906206-48-2Martin GillardA Small Key to a Big Life
2007978-1-906206-49-9David JohnsonCrystal Quest Part Three: Destiny & Destruction: Part Three: Destiny and Destruction
2008978-1-906206-50-5R.M. PowisThe Salvator
  ''978-1-906206-51-2David LloydAlumni
  ''978-1-906206-52-9Ronald BlaberA Knight on His Bike and the Princess in the Tower
  ''978-1-906206-53-6Jan LawtonPip, Pip, Hooray
2007978-1-906206-54-3Hugh HarrisonRufus the Red
2008978-1-906206-55-0M. Y. HumanNorah A. Chicken
2008978-1-906206-56-7Iris ButtonMaster of Brackenbury
  ''978-1-906206-57-4George UdenkwoGolgotha Falls: Genesis
  ''978-1-906206-58-1Alaric BondThe Jackass Frigate
  ''978-1-906206-59-8Arthur MacTierA Compendium of Saucy Songs, Dotty Ditties and Monologue Mirth
  ''978-1-906206-60-4Valerie BettagDiggory Russet
2008978-1-906206-61-1Martins AgbonlahorThe Greedy Hunter
  ''978-1-906206-62-8Valerie DobbertSafari Adventures
  ''978-1-906206-63-5Terry WhiteTill the Fat Lady's Sung
  ''978-1-906206-64-2Elizabeth BertollaThree Generations: A Collection of Poetry
  ''978-1-906206-65-9Janet MorganToby's Crystal
2008978-1-906206-66-6Katherine RubinBack from Beyond: A Roller Coaster Ride Through a Bipolar Life
  ''978-1-906206-67-3Alan RiceWrong Place, Wrong Time
  ''978-1-906206-68-0Alex RubnerIn the Twilight of the Multis: The Rise and Fall of the Multinational Corporations
  ''978-1-906206-69-7Anthony DurkanNewton's Boobs: Gravitational Anomalies
  ''978-1-906206-70-3Nonen TitiDJar (Of a Note in a Cosmic Song)
2008978-1-906206-71-0Bernie FriendCycling Back to Happiness: Adventure on the North Sea Cycle Route
  ''978-1-906206-72-7H. J. Wallace-ChapmanInner Signs and Symptoms in Psychosis
  ''978-1-906206-73-4Monica BlandO What a Tangled Web
  ''978-1-906206-74-1Mary BakerA Purposed Overthrow
  ''978-1-906206-75-8Leah HallowesThe Cattery
2008978-1-906206-76-5Lucy HeathmanThe Lucky Seahorse
  ''978-1-906206-77-2James HarbridgeThe Smash!
  ''978-1-906206-78-9George EverettBoots on for Court
  ''978-1-906206-80-2Vivienne Romilly-WeightmanThe Seed
  ''978-1-906206-81-9T. F. CarrollWitches on the Run
2008978-1-906206-82-6Virginia AitkenOh My Child
  ''978-1-906206-83-3LookmanMihte's Quest: Kids in the Underworld
  ''978-1-906206-84-0Helen T.S. CookBriar Falls Asleep at Number 17 (Fairies of Fortune Road)
  ''978-1-906206-85-7Lynn PhillipsNorth of Watford
  ''978-1-906206-86-4Bernard Le BargyBack to the Bush
2008978-1-906206-88-8Maurice Abney-HastingsBig Days in Ashthorpe Magna
  ''978-1-906206-89-5Alison BlenkinsopFit to Bust: A Comic Treasure Chest
  ''978-1-906206-90-1Ronald McGowanBarset Revisited
  ''978-1-906206-91-8Heti DaviesL.O.L.A.: Little Old Lady Alone
2009978-1-906206-92-5Debra SchimanTravels With My Teddy Bear
2008978-1-906206-93-2Hughes HagPrank!
  ''978-1-906206-94-9Luke TempleStormy Cliff
2008978-1-906206-95-6Brian EasleaBirdwatching at the Seaside: Living with Peregrines and Other Birds in a Sussex Coastal City
  ''978-1-906206-96-3Stephen WelchStardust Our Cosmic Origins
  ''978-1-906206-97-0Jack CoatesFrom Winter to Paradise
2009978-1-906206-98-7Anthony JonesFollow the Yellow Brick Road: With a Unique Method of Self Assessment
  ''978-1-906206-99-4Mark SpenceThe Dark Secret of the Elms