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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906205-00-3Vernon Leche-EdwardsA Penny Lane Saga: One Graphic, Factual Liverpool Story Spanning Thirty Years (1920-1950)
  ''978-1-906205-01-0Muriel Armand · Christine KavanaghLenny the Lifeboat in Bright Star's Rescue
  ''978-1-906205-02-7Bob BurnsNew York to Liverpool
  ''978-1-906205-03-4John FrainThe Way Things Were
  ''978-1-906205-04-1John FrainThe Way Things Were: A Potteries Tale
2007978-1-906205-05-8Terence A. MoranOne in Many: A Scousers Autobiography
  ''978-1-906205-06-5John L. FaganSpots, Pimples and Bum Fluff: An Apprentice's Tale
  ''978-1-906205-07-2Stephen F. FarrellAnnie Elizabeth Farrell
2008978-1-906205-08-9J. Carmen SmithChasing Shadows
2007978-1-906205-09-6D.J. ThorpLooking for Annie
2008978-1-906205-13-3Vernon Leche-EdwardsKiller Mind
  ''978-1-906205-14-0John FowlerGrowing Up in Liverpool Before Beatlemania
  ''978-1-906205-15-7W. L. WakelamHMS "Tartar" 1939-1948
2008978-1-906205-16-4Christine GregoryLaughter and Tears
  ''978-1-906205-17-1Len HolderA Light-Hearted Look at Seafaring and Other Stories
  ''978-1-906205-18-8Michael D. HallidayCollected Poems
  ''978-1-906205-19-5John FowlerThe Clubman: Tales of an Insurance Man
  ''978-1-906205-20-1Bill DuffFraud: Why Did They Do It?
2009978-1-906205-21-8Michael BennettRobert Welch Designs for Old Hall Tableware
2008978-1-906205-22-5Simon AckersMr Blessington's Secret: A James Gregory Mystery
2008978-1-906205-23-2Karen DohrenCF vs Us: The Story of a Battle Between a Family and Cystic Fibrosis
2009978-1-906205-24-9Brian McCannDown Our Street: The Birth, the Struggle and the Pride of a Shipbuilding Town
  ''978-1-906205-25-6Brendan SullivanDown Memory Lane: Recollections of a Wandering Missionary
  ''978-1-906205-26-3Andy WoodBritannia Rules the Cut: The Royal Navy's Canal Fleet
  ''978-1-906205-27-0Ian Leech · Melissa LeechOne Day at a Time: Mel's Story
  ''978-1-906205-28-7Michael Anthony EatonThe White Pawn
2009978-1-906205-29-4G. P. TurnerExploding the Number Myth
  ''978-1-906205-30-0Peter KellyLiverpool: Born and Bred
  ''978-1-906205-31-7Pauline LomasAnd So We Heal
  ''978-1-906205-34-8Bill DuffWHO STOLE MY TWINS' IDENTITY?
  ''978-1-906205-35-5Geoffrey S KnowlesJust a Pedlar of Pills
2009978-1-906205-36-2Annie HollandStella the Stork's Special Delivery
  ''978-1-906205-37-9Bob EvansCharlie the Mouse
  ''978-1-906205-38-6Charlotte JordanThe Dancing Dinosaur
2010978-1-906205-40-9Bob EvansBobology: The Real Jesus
2009978-1-906205-41-6June MatthewsWaiting for the Bluebirds: An Evacuee's Journey Through the Second World War
2010978-1-906205-42-3George ApplebyThe Appleby Family History: From Vikings to the Modern Day
  ''978-1-906205-43-0Barry A. MorrisPlease Adjust Your Dress
  ''978-1-906205-44-7Tony MathewsMy Time at Sea
2010978-1-906205-45-4Lea KnowlesLiverpool Haiku
  ''978-1-906205-46-1J. DickmanBjarki the Viking
  ''978-1-906205-47-8Charlotte JordanThe 10 Legged Octopus
  ''978-1-906205-48-5   ''Brand New Pirates
  ''978-1-906205-49-2Lea KnowlesA Cycle of Days
2010978-1-906205-50-8Reginald Poole · Peggy PooleConfessions of a Do-Gooder: A Worm's Eye View of Social Progress 1930-1960
  ''978-1-906205-51-5Charlotte JordanThe Naughty Cat
  ''978-1-906205-52-2Len HolderMore of Len's Stories
  ''978-1-906205-53-9Ryan KellyBigfoot in Space
  ''978-1-906205-54-6Caston BallPatrick the Spaceman
2010978-1-906205-55-3Christian PimblettMy Family
  ''978-1-906205-56-0Ryan WoodsThe Storm
  ''978-1-906205-57-7Aaron MaddocksThe Lonely Lion
  ''978-1-906205-58-4Joan ChanEast Meets West: Volume One
  ''978-1-906205-59-1David TrebusDark Angel: and Selected Poems
2010978-1-906205-60-7Fay EaglePainted Peonies
  ''978-1-906205-62-1Bill DuffThe Search for My Mother
  ''978-1-906205-64-5Martin McDonagh · Lee BrewerThe Rift: Main Game (RPG)
  ''978-1-906205-65-2Martin McDonagh · Lee BrewerThe Rift: Blood and Redemption: Expansion One RPG
  ''978-1-906205-66-9   ''The Rift: Steel Jungle: Expansion Two RPG
2010978-1-906205-67-6Jade Melissa ThoroldThe Tiger Who Loves to Eat Cakes
  ''978-1-906205-68-3Bob EvansCharlie the Mouse: 2: More Tails
  ''978-1-906205-69-0Barry WoodsHidden Picture
  ''978-1-906205-70-6Danny MarksThe Life and Exploits of a Maltese Sailor
2011978-1-906205-71-3Peter DavieThe Magic Bag Nounours
  ''978-1-906205-73-7Graham RobinsonObservations on Life
2011978-1-906205-74-4Jackie BartlettStories
  ''978-1-906205-75-1Keith WilsonIrritable Vowel Syndrome
  ''978-1-906205-77-5James Patrick HynesThe Hynes of Ireland
  ''978-1-906205-78-2John Patrick KerriganThe Shufflebottoms
  ''978-1-906205-79-9Jean TaylorO.L.L.Y the Journey
2011978-1-906205-80-5Jade Melissa ThoroldThe Rainfall Adventure
  ''978-1-906205-81-2Margaret GuppyMolly and Friends
  ''978-1-906205-82-9Stephen WrigleyA Ring of Stones
2012978-1-906205-83-6Peter HallIn the Web
  ''978-1-906205-84-3James Patrick HynesThe O'Shaughnessys
  ''978-1-906205-85-0Joan ChanEast Meets West: v. 3 (East Meets West Trilogy)
2012978-1-906205-86-7Jan DaveyLife at Jericho
  ''978-1-906205-87-4Norman H. McConochieRhymes From An Ancient Mariner
  ''978-1-906205-88-1Geoffrey PrinceSuccess: The Choice is Yours
  ''978-1-906205-89-8Peter DavieLa Familia Spanglo
  ''978-1-906205-90-4Michael G. PriestleyDouble Arrow Double Royal: An Introduction to the Railwayana Scene in the Company of Pictorial Posters from the British Rail Era
2012978-1-906205-91-1Ruth ParsonsDeal with Debt: An A-Z Guide
  ''978-1-906205-92-8Michael HallidayFurther Poems
  ''978-1-906205-93-5Peter DavieThe magig bag ositos
  ''978-1-906205-94-2Michael FinchamA Certain Doubt
  ''978-1-906205-95-9Carl LeckeyBadger Sett!
2012978-1-906205-96-6John ConnorTrapped: Collection of Poems
  ''978-1-906205-97-3Marian JonesWords of Life
2013978-1-906205-98-0Pauline ForsterWilliam the Wind Turbine