year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906203-00-9Donald Smith · Lisa Le Feuvre · Mark TitchnerVertigo: Marcel Duchamp and Mark Titchner
  ''978-1-906203-01-6Mali MorrisTouch
  ''978-1-906203-02-3   ''Touch
  ''978-1-906203-03-0Chelsea College of Art and Design FdA Interior and Spatial DesignChelsea Chairs
  ''978-1-906203-04-7Jane WonShin Azumi and Norman McLaren
2007978-1-906203-05-4Stephen FarthingDrawing: The Network
  ''978-1-906203-06-1David Ryan · Noel Forster · Piers SecundaNoel Forster/Piers Secunda: Paintings and Constructions
  ''978-1-906203-07-8Frank SidebottomChelsea Space is Ace
  ''978-1-906203-09-2Will AlsopTowards.
  ''978-1-906203-10-8Jonty Morris · Phil RutterJonty Morris and Phil Rutter
2007978-1-906203-11-5Andrew HuntThe Affirmation Curated by Andrew Hunt
  ''978-1-906203-12-2Aiko Machida · Georgina Gordon-SmithImmortal Objects
  ''978-1-906203-13-9Written: volume 1: Global Art Practice
2008978-1-906203-14-6Neil Boorman · Kevin Braddock · James Sleaford · Guy Adams · Ian Hunt · Paolo Hewitt · Mark BaxterBurro: I Feel Alright
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  ''978-1-906203-16-0Noel ForsterNoel Forster: Open Works
2008978-1-906203-17-7Voon Pow Bartlett · Neil Stewart · Erika TanThree Degrees of Separation
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  ''978-1-906203-24-5Esther LeslieA Wind of Revolution Blows, the Storm is on the Horizon
  ''978-1-906203-25-2I Believe in Dragons
2009978-1-906203-26-9Caught in the Act
2009978-1-906203-27-6Donald Smith · Chris Salewicz · Tony JamesMick Jones: Rock and Roll Public Library
  ''978-1-906203-28-3Donald SmithMarian and Peter Daglish: Wall Hangings and a Collaboration
  ''978-1-906203-30-6Dematerialised: Jack Wendler Gallery 1971-1974
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2009978-1-906203-33-7Tales from the Rock and Roll Public Library
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2010978-1-906203-35-1David Ryan · Will Stuart · Cally SpoonerDecember 1952: Directed and Produced by Cally Spooner
2009978-1-906203-36-8Gina Medcalf · Bernice DonszelmannGina Medcalf - Unground
  ''978-1-906203-37-5Harri Koskinen · Tuija Aalto-SetalaInto the Woods: An Exploration of Iittala
2010978-1-906203-39-9Isobel Harbison · Carl Andre · Anna Barham · Aoife Collins · Kit Craig · Marcelline Delbecq · Fergus Martin · Gyan PanchalWith Words Like Smoke
  ''978-1-906203-40-5Peter SimpsonHeaven is a Place, a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens
2010978-1-906203-41-2Natasha De SamarkandiDon't Do Any More Henry Moore: Henry Moore and the Chelsea School of Art
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2010978-1-906203-46-7Lisa Le FeuvreShelagh Cluett Sculpture 1877 - 1980
2011978-1-906203-47-4Stephen BuryStrange
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2011978-1-906203-55-9Michael IvesonRe-Make/Re-Model
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2012978-1-906203-61-0Lynda MorrisDear Lynda.
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  ''978-1-906203-66-5Michael BracewellRed, White and Blue: Pop, Punk, Politics, Place
2013978-1-906203-67-2Elaine Sturtevant · SecondeditionsSecond Reflection/Symmetrical Contents: Sturtevant and Secondeditions
2013978-1-906203-68-9Daisy McMullan · Dennis Mariner · Kate RossSurface
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2015978-1-906203-80-1Clive Phillpot · Joe QueenanIn Peril on the Sea: Sailing Ships, Stormy Seas
2015978-1-906203-81-8Clive Phillpot · Joe QueenanKen Cox: Poetry Machines
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