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2004978-1-906202-00-2PPL Air Law & Operational Procedures (PC)
2005978-1-906202-01-9PPL Human Performance & Limitations (PC)
2004978-1-906202-02-6PPL Navigation & Radio Aids (PC)
2003978-1-906202-03-3PPL Meteorology (PC)
2005978-1-906202-04-0PPL Aircraft (Gen) & Principles (PC)
2003978-1-906202-05-7PPL Flight Performance & Planning (PC)
2004978-1-906202-06-4PPL Flight Nav Computer Training (PC)
2006978-1-906202-07-1PPL Exam Preparation (PC)
  ''978-1-906202-08-8PPL Practical Flying Training (PC)
  ''978-1-906202-09-5IMC Rating & Instrument Flying (PC)
  ''978-1-906202-10-1JAA Night Qualification (PC)
  ''978-1-906202-11-8ATPL Aviation Meteorology (PC)
2007978-1-906202-12-5ATPL Aircraft Performance (PC)
2005978-1-906202-13-2ATPL Aircraft Piston Engines (PC)
2006978-1-906202-14-9ATPL Gas Turbine Engines (PC)
2004978-1-906202-15-6ATPL Exam Preparation (PC)
2006978-1-906202-16-3VFR RT Communications (PC)
2003978-1-906202-17-0VFR RT UK Airspace Supplement
2003978-1-906202-18-7IFR RT Communications (PC)
2005978-1-906202-19-4Essential Physics 1 (PC)
2006978-1-906202-20-0Essential Physics 2 (PC)
2005978-1-906202-21-7PPL Ground Training 6 Pk (PC)
2006978-1-906202-22-4VFR RT Comms + UK Air Support (PC)
  ''978-1-906202-23-1VFR RT Comms + IFR RT Comms (PC)
  ''978-1-906202-24-8VFR & IFR RT Comms + UK Air Support (PC)
2007978-1-906202-25-5Set of 5 Books Covering Subjects Common to Helicopter and Aeroplane PPL Exams (Skills for Flight)
2009978-1-906202-26-2ATPL Human Performance & Limitations Part 1
2008978-1-906202-27-9ATPL Human Performance & Limitations Part 2
2010978-1-906202-28-6ATPL Air Law
  ''978-1-906202-30-9ATPL Airframes & Systems
  ''978-1-906202-31-6ATPL DC Electrics
2011978-1-906202-32-3ATPL Mass and Balance CBT
2010978-1-906202-33-0ATPL Auto-flight CBT
2010978-1-906202-34-7ATPL AC Electrics CBT
  ''978-1-906202-35-4ATPL Warning and Recording CBT
2011978-1-906202-36-1ATPL Flight Planning CBT
2010978-1-906202-38-5ATPL Operational Procedures CBT
2011978-1-906202-39-2ATPL General Navigation CBT
  ''978-1-906202-40-8ATPL Principles of Flight CBT
  ''978-1-906202-41-5ATPL Radio Navigation CBT
  ''978-1-906202-42-2ATPL Flight Instruments CBT
2012978-1-906202-46-0Oxford Aviation TraiSkills for Flight PPL Volume 4: Meteorology
2011978-1-906202-51-4OAA Media Interactive LearningAircraft General Knowledge 1 Airframes -
2011978-1-906202-52-1OAA Media Interactive LearningAtol Air General Knowledge 2 (ATPL Oxford Ground Training Series) (Electrics)
  ''978-1-906202-53-8   ''ATPL Ground Training Series: Aircraft General Knowledge 3 (Oxford Aviation, 6th Edition)
  ''978-1-906202-54-5   ''Aircraft General Knowledge 4(5)
978-1-906202-55-2Atpl Gr Train Series Flight Performs I 6
2011978-1-906202-61-3OAA Media Interactive LearningATPL Ground Training Series: Operational Procedures (12), Oxford Aviation
978-1-906202-63-7Atpl Grn Training Series Communicatio 14

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