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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906155-00-1Victoria WoodcockMaking Stuff For Kids
  ''978-1-906155-01-8Nadine MonemRiot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now!
  ''978-1-906155-02-5Marc MastersNo Wave
2008978-1-906155-03-2David StubbsAce Records: Labels Unlimited
  ''978-1-906155-04-9Nathan DunneTarkovsky
2007978-1-906155-06-3Alex Coles · Tamsin DillonPlatform for Art: Art on the Underground
  ''978-1-906155-07-0Simon FoxellMapping London: Making Sense of the City
2007978-1-906155-08-7Marks Barfield ArchitectsEye: The Story Behind the London Eye
2011978-1-906155-09-4Sandy BlackEco-chic: The Fashion Paradox
2008978-1-906155-12-4Frank DuffyWork and the City (Edge Futures)
2007978-1-906155-16-2Bob Smith · Roberta SmithArt U Need: My Part in the Public Art Revolution
2008978-1-906155-17-9Alan ColquhounCelia Scott
2007978-1-906155-18-6Billing JohannaTaking the Matter into Common Hands: Contemporary Art and Collaborative Practices
2009978-1-906155-20-9Alan ColquhounCollected Essays in Architectural Criticism
2007978-1-906155-23-0Matteo CainerInvestigate, Ask, Tell, Draw Build: 3XN Architects
2011978-1-906155-25-4Wilfried Wang · Dalibor VeselyEric Parry Architects Vol 2
2007978-1-906155-27-8Tom BarkerWeird Scenes from Inside the Goldmine: Innovating with Futuristic Technology and Amazing Materials in Design
2008978-1-906155-28-5Tony Fretton · Ellis WoodmanModernity and Reinvention
  ''978-1-906155-29-2Janis Jefferies and Bradley QuinnContemporary Textiles: The Fabric of Fine Art
  ''978-1-906155-30-8Lydia LunchThe Gun is Loaded
2012978-1-906155-31-5Simon SpenceImmediate Records: Labels Unlimited
2008978-1-906155-32-2Emma PettitOld Rare New: The Independent Record Shop
  ''978-1-906155-36-0Blanche CraigContemporary Glass
  ''978-1-906155-37-7Sarah OwensYes Logo: 40 Years of Michael Peters Branding, Design and Communication
2008978-1-906155-39-1Blanche CraigCollage: Assembling Contemporary Art
  ''978-1-906155-40-7Susan MossmanFantastic Plastic: Product Design and Consumer Culture
  ''978-1-906155-41-4Nadine MonemFont: The Sourcebook
2010978-1-906155-43-8Paul ColdwellPrintmaking: A Contemporary Perspective
2011978-1-906155-45-2Simon FoxellMapping London: Making Sense of the City
2016978-1-906155-48-3Duncan McCorquodaleVisual Aid: Stuff You've Forgotten, Things You Never Thought You Knew and Lessons You Didn't Quite Get Around to Learning (E)
2008978-1-906155-49-0Roja DoveThe Essence of Perfume
  ''978-1-906155-51-3Simon FoxellMapping England
  ''978-1-906155-52-0Wellcome TrustWar and Medicine
2008978-1-906155-53-7Blanche CraigEco Design: A Contemporary Guide to Sustainable Design
  ''978-1-906155-54-4Raven SmithClub Kids: Underground Culture
2009978-1-906155-56-8Suzanne Cotter · Lindsey Moore · Nat MullerContemporary Art in the Middle East: Artworld
  ''978-1-906155-57-5Regis Durand · Douglas Park · Alexander Garcia DuttmanCommonsensual: The Works of Rut Blees Luxemburg
  ''978-1-906155-58-2Hatori Koshiro · Richard SweeneyPaper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut
2008978-1-906155-61-2Duncan McCorquodaleNATO: The Military Codification System for the Ordering of Everything in the World
2010978-1-906155-64-3Nikolaos KotsopoulosContemporary Art in Latin America: ARTWORLD
2009978-1-906155-65-0Dave Beech · Charles Harrison · Will HillArt and Text
  ''978-1-906155-66-7Erik Davis · Michel Faber · David Keenan · Ken HollingsKrautrock: Cosmic Rock and its Legacy
2010978-1-906155-67-4Black Dog PublishingInventors and Inventions
2009978-1-906155-68-1Duncan McCorquodaleGrowing Stuff: An Alternative Guide to Gardening
2009978-1-906155-72-8M.J. LongArtist's Studios
2009978-1-906155-81-0Peter Hunt · Lisa SainsburyIllustrated Children's Books
  ''978-1-906155-82-7Duncan McCorquodaleMapping New York
2016978-1-906155-83-4   ''Visual Aid 2: You Can Never Know Enough Stuff (E)
2010978-1-906155-84-1Nikolaos KotsopoulosContemporary Art in Eastern Europe (Artworld)
2009978-1-906155-85-8Michael McMillanThe Front Room
  ''978-1-906155-87-2Stephen Bayley · David Taylor · Irenee Scalbert · Ken ArnoldVolume
  ''978-1-906155-89-6Matthew SturgisPaperwork: Peter Clark
  ''978-1-906155-90-2Paul Drew · Ivor Richards · Colen Lumley · Keith BradleyDwelling: Accordia
2010978-1-906155-91-9Lucy OrtaMapping the Invisible: EU-Roma Gypsies
2010978-1-906155-92-6Elizabeth McCorquodaleKids in the Garden: Growing Plants for Food and Fun
2011978-1-906155-94-0Elizabeth LebasForgotten Futures: British Municipal Cinema 1920-1980
2010978-1-906155-96-4Jessica HemmingsIn the Loop: Knitting Now
  ''978-1-906155-97-1Paul RennieModern British Posters: Art, Design & Communication
  ''978-1-906155-98-8Helena Mattsson · Sven-Olov Wallenstein · Reinhold Martin · Joan Ockman · Penny SparkeSwedish Modernism