year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-906125-00-4Katherine JohnBlack Daffodil (Trevor Joseph Thriller): Volume 4
2007978-1-906125-01-1Jane Morell · Simon SmithWe Need to Talk About the Funeral: 101 Practical Ways to Commemorate and Celebrate Life: 2
  ''978-1-906125-02-8Lesley CookmanMurder in Midwinter (Libby Sarjeant Mysteries) (Libby Sarjeant Mysteries) (A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery Series)
  ''978-1-906125-03-5Marion HusbandThe Good Father
  ''978-1-906125-04-2Hannah JonesDiary of a Diet: A Little Book of Big
  ''978-1-906125-06-6Mark Davies · Anthony Cook · Brian RushtonHow to Get Your Kids Through University
2008978-1-906125-08-0Zoe HarcombeThe Harcombe Diet - Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: Diet Book
2008978-1-906125-09-7Zoe Harcombe · Rachel McGuinnessThe Harcombe Diet - Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: Recipe Book
  ''978-1-906125-10-3Roger GranelliRisk
2007978-1-906125-12-7Lesley CookmanHow to Write a Pantomime (Secrets to Success)
2013978-1-906125-14-1Katherine JohnA Well-Deserved Murder (Trevor Joseph Detective Series)
2008978-1-906125-15-8Peter KerrThe Cruise Connection: Bob Burns Investigates (Bob Burns Series)
2007978-1-906125-16-5Ruth MitchellGetting Started in Reading (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-17-2Ruth MitchellMoving on with Reading (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-18-9Dayle SmithLearn High Frequency Sight Words: Bk. 1 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-19-6Jane BealsLearn High Frequency Sight Words: Bk. 2 (Troposphere Range)
2007978-1-906125-20-2Jane BealsLearn High Frequency Sight Words: Bk. 3 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-23-3Geoff FrohlichSkills for Literacy: Bk. 1 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-25-7   ''Skills for Literacy: Bk. 3 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-26-4   ''Skills for Literacy: Bk. 4 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-27-1Ruth MitchellMastering Vowels (Troposphere Range)
2007978-1-906125-28-8Michelle OsmentReading and Listening Comprehension Skills (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-29-5Allie LundonDeveloping Reading Confidence: Bk. 1 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-31-8Kate CaponeBe Ready for Reading (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-32-5Judy GabrovecPhonic Fun: Bk. 1 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-33-2   ''Phonic Fun: Bk. 2 (Troposphere Range)
2007978-1-906125-34-9Judy GabrovecPhonic Fun: Bk. 3 (Troposphere Range)
  ''978-1-906125-35-6Milanda ReynoldsVowels (Essential Phonics)
  ''978-1-906125-36-3   ''More Vowels (Essential Phonics)
2007978-1-906125-37-0Milanda ReynoldsConsonants (Essential Phonics)
2008978-1-906125-38-7Graeme Beals · Jane BealsComprehension from Context: Bk. 1
  ''978-1-906125-39-4   ''Comprehension from Context: Bk. 2
  ''978-1-906125-40-0   ''Comprehension from Context: Bk. 3
2007978-1-906125-41-7Monica van DamCloze Activities
  ''978-1-906125-42-4Lesley RedmondCloze - Famous People
2008978-1-906125-80-6Alison TylerBad Girl
  ''978-1-906125-81-3Chrissie WebberWeight Loss, Life Gain: A Motivational Journey to Permanent Weight Loss
2013978-1-906125-82-0Miranda ForbesSeriously Sexy One: Volume 1 (Seriously Sexy Series)
2008978-1-906125-83-7Miranda ForbesNaughty Spanking 1 - 20 Erotic Short Stories
2013978-1-906125-84-4   ''Tease Me: Volume 5 (Xcite Me Series)
2008978-1-906125-85-1Alison TylerDown and Dirty: v. 1: 69 Super Sexy Short-shorts
2008978-1-906125-87-5Alison TylerJuicy Erotica (Xcite)
2013978-1-906125-88-2Miranda ForbesSatisfy Me: Volume 2 (Xcite Me Series)
2008978-1-906125-89-9   ''Naughty Spanking Stories Two: 2
2013978-1-906125-90-5Miranda ForbesSeriously Sexy Three: Volume 3 (Seriously Sexy Series)
2008978-1-906125-91-2Alison TylerDown and Dirty: v. 2
2013978-1-906125-92-9Miranda ForbesSeduce Me: Twenty Erotic Stories (Xcite Me Series)
2008978-1-906125-93-6Colin JacksonLife's New Hurdles (Quick Reads) (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-906125-94-3Roger GranelliLosing It (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-906125-95-0Scott Quinnell · Karl MorganThe Hardest Test (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-906125-96-7Hayley LongVinyl Demand (Quick Reads)
  ''978-1-906125-98-1Simon HallThe Death Pictures (The TV Detective Series)
2007978-1-906125-99-8Graeme BealsThe Day at the Market (Troposphere Range)

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